Test4Less: Die IDEALe Alternative für Netzwerktests

For companies installing and testing data cables and networks, IDEAL Networks‘ Test4Less program could cut capital expenditures by up to 57%, increase productivity, and improve cash flow.

What challenges are cable installers facing today?

IDEAL Networks has conducted extensive surveys of data cable installers and system integrators over the past 18 months. The result was that the same problems were repeatedly complained about, such as:

  • The high investment for certifiers.
  • Due to the high acquisition costs, several technicians have to share a certifier.
  • Transferring the test data to the office or to the customer takes too much time.
  • Measurement data is sometimes lost, so that the technician has to return to the place of use.
  • Multiple testers have to be purchased to test both copper and fiber optic cables.
  • There is a risk for companies that have invested in expensive certifiers that they have to switch to new models due to product discontinuation.

All of these factors reduce cash flow, waste time and money, narrow margins, and ultimately lower return on investment.

The ideal alternative for network tests

The surveys showed, among other things, that usually only 25% of the installations require a guarantee from the cable manufacturer. While a certifier is really indispensable for some orders, a cheaper tester for cable installations would also be sufficient for the other 75% of the work.

The SignalTEK CT is a data cable transmission tester that simulates actual network traffic in order to demonstrate and document the performance potential of the network and the data cable in accordance with Gigabit Ethernet standards. This also means that the cable installer can respond to later customer complaints.

The SignalTEK NT from IDEAL Networks also includes functions for fault diagnosis in networks and supports both copper and fiber optic links.

“We opted for an intelligent combination of testers and invested in a complete inventory of SignalTEK NT with only a small number of higher-quality cable certifiers. This enabled us to reduce the cost of equipping all technicians by one million US dollars. ”(Staley Technologies, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA).

If several technicians have to share a tester, this takes time and money.

Due to the high cost of cable certifiers, companies only invest in the number of devices that they absolutely need for their business. This means that several technicians have to share a certifier and there are three problems as a result: Time is wasted because the technicians have to wait until the certifier arrives, the certifier can be damaged in transit and the transport costs money.

Instead, invest in a SignalTEK for every technician to save time, cut costs and increase productivity.

In order to save time and money and no longer have to send the certifiers back and forth between the locations, you can equip each of your technicians with a SignalTEK, as this is much cheaper than a certifier. The SignalTEK creates a test report that shows the customer that the cabling or network has been installed reliably and professionally.

Forward test data anytime, anywhere

With the AnyWARE ™ app from IDEAL, delayed or lost test results are a thing of the past. The app enables the test data to be transferred to a mobile device and passed on to colleagues who are not on site without delay. In addition, the real-time data transmission ensures that no test results are lost and that the acceptance measurements do not have to be repeated. This also saves time and money.

Pay-As-You-Test (PAYT): You only pay if you really test and thus improve your cash flow!

If you invest in at least three cable certifiers, you can use the “Pay As You Test” option to extend payments over a period of 3 to 5 years. So you increase your cash flow and can use the money for other projects. 

You can find out more about how the Test4Less offer from IDEAL Networks can also help you to save time, reduce costs and increase productivity on our website www.test4less.net or by telephone on 0 89/9 96 86 – 0 ,