Effiziente Netzwerktests mit dem neuen NaviTEK NT von IDEAL Networks

With the NaviTEK® NT, IDEAL Networks has launched a new model range of network testers that was developed with the aim of helping technicians to immediately identify and remedy faults on copper lines and glass fibers.

„This is a more convenient and efficient method of diagnosing errors in the network than with a laptop or a software tool,“ explains Tim Widdershoven , Global Marketing Manager at IDEAL Networks. “The NaviTEK NT is so compact that it can easily be accommodated even in the confined spaces in which important cables are often routed. In addition, this tester ensures faster querying of route and IP data and recognizes services such as ISDN and PoE. ”

The NaviTEK NT is simply connected to a network or a cable and immediately shows useful data clearly on its display. With a series of network tests, the autotest function makes it easier and faster to carry out the first measurements. All important information about the network is summarized at a glance on the start screen.

In addition, the tester grants access to detailed parameters of the network, such as port information for the LLDP and CDP protocol, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), detection and function of VLANs as well as Ethernet use with real-time specification of the broadcast network traffic.

The Netscan function reports the IP and MAC addresses of all elements in the network and the network probe shows the network graphically.

The NaviTEK NT is also suitable for exact cable measurements. With the help of TDR reflectometer measurement, common wiring errors on copper lines, such as interruptions and short circuits, can be localized. For fiber optic cables, the NaviTEK NT shows the optical power level received by the switch. An inductive receiver, available as an option, recognizes the sound signals generated by a NaviTEK NT for tracking cable runs. The flashing stroke facilitates the identification of connections.

After completing the measurements, test reports can be transferred to a USB stick or to the Android or Apple mobile device using the free IDEAL AnyWARE ™ app . Users have the option of viewing the PDF reports and forwarding them via their preferred method, such as email or FTP. This enables cable installers and IT technicians to send their test reports to project managers. This improves cooperation, more orders can be completed on time and costs can be reduced.


IDEAL Networks provides testers for data lines and networks that make work easier for those who install, test, and maintain network cables and services. Visit www.idealnetworks.net .