TREND Networks name change Q&A

Why has IDEAL Networks changed its name to TREND Networks?

IDEAL Networks divested from IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC more than two years ago. In re-branding to TREND Networks, the company is now consolidating its identity separate to the IDEAL name, better reflecting its vision, mission and goals.

When did the name change happen?

The name TREND Networks is effective across all global regions as of March 31st 2021.

Why did you choose the name TREND Networks?

For the name TREND Networks, the firm looks to its rich history in the field of test and measurement. Trend Communications was a telecoms test equipment manufacturer founded in 1965. Over almost four decades, the company launched numerous innovations, from telegraph testers, to telex machines, data transmission analysers and ISDN testers. Trend Communications was acquired by IDEAL Industries in 2004 and later became part of IDEAL Networks.

Have your products changed?

No, the full range of industry-leading data cable testers, network testers and CCTV test equipment is still available, unchanged. There will be no changes to how the testers look or how they operate due to the name change. However, we will continue to develop our existing product range and launch new products, as we always have done.

Will this affect my current order?

No current, or upcoming, orders will be affected by the name change.

Will your products be renamed?

All product names such as LanTEK, FiberTEK, SignalTEK, NaviTEK, SecuriTEST IP and LanXPLORER remain the same.

Will my data still be in the IDEAL AnyWARE Cloud when the name changes?

IDEAL AnyWARE Cloud will become TREND AnyWARE Cloud. Though it has a new name, it will continue to support the LanTEK IV cable certifier and the new SignalTEK 10G Ethernet bandwidth tester to make managing, editing and sharing reports easier than ever. All of the features, such as pre-configuration and enhanced collaboration, will be unchanged. No data in the system will be affected due to the change of name.

Have your distributors changed?

There have been no changes to our global network of distributors due to the change of name to TREND Networks. However, you may see ‘IDEAL Networks’ on their websites and sales materials for a short time while things transition over to the new brand – TREND Networks.

Has there been changes in your management or sales teams?

Although our name has changed, you can still expect to deal with the same people across all of our global locations.

When will we start shipping products branded TREND Networks?

All the packaging and the contents including Quick Reference Guides will be updated. TREND Networks branded products have started to ship. This will be a phased process until the existing stock has been exhausted. Therefore, both IDEAL Networks and TREND Networks brands will appear in the short-term.

Will part numbers be changing?

No, part numbers remain unchanged.

When will the website be updated with the new name and what is the new website URL?

The website will go live on March 31st 2021. The new website URL is

What changes should we expect next?

Under our new name, we will continue to innovate and launch new products designed to make life easier for installers and technicians, just as we have always done.

We also aim to shortly launch developments which enable our cloud-based platform to support more of our range of leading cable and network testers.

I still have questions. Who should I speak to?

Visit the website for contact details, or feel free to contact any of the expert team you normally deal with who will be happy to help or refer to someone that can.