Big savings when you take advantage of our LanTEK IV-S copper and fiber bundles

TREND Networks understands that you need accurate and reliable test equipment to meet your customers’ demands. With our latest LanTEK IV-S bundles, you’ll get copper and fiber cable testing and certification products that you can depend on, while making huge savings. By buying in a bundle, you could save more than £5,000!

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Why do you need LanTEK IV-S?

LanTEK IV-S cable certifiers are designed to meet the testing needs of modern copper and fiber networks and are engineered to provide dependable test results. This makes it easy for network professionals to troubleshoot and certify network installations quickly and efficiently. The LanTEK IV-S range is also designed for speed and accuracy, with intuitive interfaces that make the certifiers easy to use.  Supported by the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system, LanTEK IV-S also unlocks greater possibilities when it comes to creating reports to prove performance to your customers.

New LanTEK IV-S bundle deals for 2023

We’re currently offering a range of LanTEK IV-S bundles to suit different testing requirements. Customers can choose from six different bundles, depending on their needs and budget.

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These bundles are designed to include everything needed to get started with cable certification and all include a LanTEK IV-S cable certifier. Bundles then include a different selection of add-ons such as permanent link adapters, channel adapters, fiber testing equipment, and Sapphire Care Plans, that you can select depending on your particular requirements

By purchasing a bundle, you can save up to £5,510 compared to buying each item separately. This make the bundles an excellent choice for making your budget go further. It is also an affordable way for businesses looking to expand their network testing capabilities or for those starting a new network installation project to invest in their fleet.

Depend on our Support – Sapphire Care Plan included!

At TREND Networks, we understand that investing in new equipment can be daunting, which is why we pride ourselves on our support. Such as our Rapid Resolution service and the ‘Real Time Troubleshooting’ technology in LanTEK IV-S which enables instant remote access to your tester.

Our Sapphire Care Plan also helps provide complete protection for your LanTEK or FiberTEK cable certifiers. We understand how important it is for your technicians to keep their equipment operating at peak performance, which is why the Sapphire Care Plan is included in all of our current LanTEK bundle deals.

With the Sapphire Care Plan you could minimise downtime, reduce the cost of ownership, and protect your business against unforeseen repair bills. With free annual calibration to maintain accuracy, free repairs (with free loan units during repairs and calibration to avoid downtime), free shipping, and free replaceable wear parts, you’ll get the complete protection and peace of mind that you need.

When you need equipment you can depend on, we’ll be there

Our LanTEK IV-S bundles provide an all-in-one solution where you can be confident that you’re investing in reliable and high-quality equipment that will help you improve accuracy and save time.

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