Service & Warranty


To help keep peace of mind all testers come with a one year warranty.

For more detailed information on our warranty policy please view our Terms and Conditions.

If you need further advice on our warranty policy or have a general warranty enquiry, please contact customer services.

About Trend Networks


Cable certifiers require calibration every 12 months to ensure measurements undertaken are accurate and they comply with ISO IEC 61935-1 and TIA 1152. If your tester is due for a calibration please contact customer services to find your closest calibration centre.

Should you have any questions regarding the calibration process or about calibration in general please do not hesitate to contact us.


LanTEK IV-500MHz

LanTEK IV-3000MHz

Service Centres

Our dedicated service centers provide fault finding, repair and servicing of our testers. The service teams are highly experienced allowing for efficient turnaround of equipment returned for service.

In order to return your equipment for service or repair please contact customer services. If you have any questions regarding the service or repair process please do not hesitate to contact us.

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