Staley Technologies senkt Gerätekosten durch intelligente Kombination von Testern um mehr als 1 Million US-Dollar

Staley Technologies specializes in the installation and maintenance of networks. The company reduced the cost of the equipment used by the technicians by 68%. The company has invested in a combination of certifiers and network transmission testers from IDEAL Networks and has saved more than $ 1 million as a result. In addition, the time required to provide the test results was reduced by one week and the number of devices required by half.

Arkansas, USA-based Staley Technologies completes more than 15,000 projects each year. These range from the networking of individual locations to nationwide UPS tests, WLAN planning and CCTV installations. Staley is convinced that the SignalTEK ™ NT network transmission tester from IDEAL Networks is capable of performing many of the tasks that the company has always been involved with, such as wiring tests, link tests, port localization and transmission tests Certifiers. In addition, the SignalTEK NT is the only tester in its class that can be used for copper lines and for fiber optic connections.

The technicians often have to travel long distances to carry out the projects and have to carry a large number of testers with them. This means that there is always too little space in the service vehicles. Staley has replaced the testing technology in its fleet of 197 vehicles with this compact and easy-to-use tester. This enabled the company to significantly reduce device costs and space requirements.

“With just one compact hand tester, you save valuable space on board. We know of no other transmission tester that is suitable for both copper cables and fiber optic connections, ”explains John David, Director of Corporate Safety and Training at Staley. „In addition, the device is so small and light that work is much faster.“

The company relied on an intelligent combination of testers and invested in a complete inventory of SignalTEK NT and only a small number of more expensive cable certifiers. As a result, the cost of equipping the entire fleet was reduced by 68%, which represented a saving of more than $ 1 million.

“We have found that our customers attach great importance to the test results. Our strict quality control also means that we keep the test reports with the results of the tests, ”says David. He emphasizes the importance of forwarding the test data immediately after the measurements have been completed.

Since Staley started using the free IDEAL AnyWARE ™ app, there have been no problems with test reports received too late. Users can transfer the test data to their mobile device and forward it to colleagues who are not on site without delay. With the IDEAL AnyWARE app, the technicians are able to transmit the test results almost in real time. As a result, the results are received up to a week earlier than was previously the case.

David explains: “In the past, we had to wait for the technicians to transfer the results to their laptops after they returned to the hotel or home. As a result of this delay, the customer was not immediately informed if the measurements referred to defective components or tests were not carried out to the customer’s satisfaction. „

„The transmission of the test results directly from the site has now made the project managers‘ work much easier,“ adds David. “Delays in creating reports are a thing of the past. Since no further measurements are required, the orders can be completed up to two weeks earlier. This makes the entire workflow more efficient. „

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