Professionelle Fehlerdiagnose zu geringen Kosten

The VDV II series LCD wiring testers from IDEAL Networks are particularly recommended for fault diagnosis on voice, data and video lines. A total of three models are available, which differ in their different performance features and range of functions. The premium model VDV II Pro even comes with a TDR function to precisely determine the cable length and specify the distance to the fault.

Conventional LED cable testers “recognize” the most common errors and are easy to use. However, the increasingly complex infrastructures require test devices that have a greater performance potential. In addition, the flashing sequence of the LED cable testers must be interpreted accordingly in order to be able to precisely assess the nature of the error. This is not the case with the VDV II LCD wiring testers from IDEAL Networks , which provide additional information such as cable length, distance to interruptions or short circuits, crossovers, split pairs, connection speed, analog / digital telephone services and PoE status. All results are shown graphically and clearly readable on the large display.

However, since connection problems are not always due to cable faults, the VDV II Pro is also able to identify faults in the services transmitted. The tester detects applied voltages and checks the polarity. Therefore, he can immediately determine which media service such as ISDN, PBX and PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) is transmitted via the cabling. Troubleshooting on active Ethernet networks is also simplified because the tester has built-in network detection that shows the data rate and duplex status. In addition, the VDV II recognizes whether it has been connected to a live line, so that potential, costly damage to the tester is excluded.

Up to 24 remote adapters can be connected to the VDV II for highly efficient work. With the help of these inexpensive and numbered adapters, technicians are able to connect several lines at once and test them one after the other directly from the distributor. The cable tester then displays the test results together with the ID number of the remote adapter. This ensures that a technician can carry out an order efficiently on his own and without a second colleague. With the development of the VDV II LCD cable tester from IDEAL Networks, the requirements of modern network topologies were answered with innovative technology. The testers offer a range of functions that go beyond that of a conventional wiring tester or LED cable tester. One example is the integrated tone generator, which locates and identifies cables in connection with a compatible inductive receiver (option). The integrated RJ-11 / RJ-12 (voice), RJ-45 (data) and F (video coaxial) jacks are also worth mentioning. This eliminates the need to purchase additional testers to ensure that voice, data and video installations such as telephone lines, LAN data lines of category 5 / 5e / 6/6 function properlyCheck A / 7 and video / security systems in homes and industrial buildings.

For a quick and effective fault diagnosis in the field, the premium model, the VDV II Pro, is equipped with a TDR function, among other things, which enables precise measurements to be carried out in the shortest possible time. With this function, the distance to the interruption or short circuit is displayed and ensures quick and smooth troubleshooting.

To make it easier for installers and technicians to select the right devices for testing copper cables , three different types of testers are offered with different performance levels. All testers of this model series are characterized by an intelligent design and an interesting price / performance ratio.

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