Kosten senken und Cash-Flow verbessern! – Mit dem SignalTEK NT zum Testen von Kupfer- und Glasfaserkabeln …

With the SignalTEK TM NT, IDEAL Networks has launched a network transmission tester that costs up to 30% less than comparable measurement technology. Nevertheless, test reports can be generated directly on the device, thus providing immediate evidence of the data transfer rate and reliability when installing data cables and networks. The SignalTEK NT is also the only product in this class to test both copper and fiber optic cables. This enables cost reductions because only one tester needs to be invested in.


For a productive and profitable order execution, the immediate creation of measurement reports and test reports and their quickest possible handover to the customer has become an essential requirement. This has been consistently implemented with the SignalTEK NT. After the measurements have been completed, complete test reports can be created and saved in electronic form directly on the device. With the free IDEAL AnyWARE TM appthe test reports can be transferred directly from the tester to the service technicians‘ mobile devices via WiFi and displayed as a PDF. It is thus possible to immediately forward the test reports to the customer via email or via file sharing apps. The completion of the installation can be verified immediately and the service order can be invoiced to the customer immediately. This avoids payment delays. In addition, the real-time data transmission of the measurement results with the free IDEAL AnyWARE TM app means that test results can no longer be lost. Acceptance measurements of already completed service orders do not have to be repeated. All of this saves time and money.


The SignalTEK NT simulates the actual network traffic. It can thus be demonstrated and documented that network components and cabling meet the performance requirements of the Ethernet standards for the various applications, such as VoIP, CCTV, video and Internet access. This differentiates this solution from the cable testers of some competitors, which do not transmit real Ethernet frames and therefore do not effectively simulate network data traffic. All tests performed with the SignalTEK NT meet the requirements of the IEEE 802.3ab standard for Gigabit Ethernet and can be carried out on shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables, including Cat 5e to Cat 8.


Typical wiring errors, such as interruptions and short circuits, can be quickly localized using TDR reflectometer measurements. The SignalTEK NT makes it easier for the technician to identify and remedy common causes of errors for insufficient data transfer rates or even complete network failures.


The tester offers a number of other time-saving functions for checking the connection to devices, to the network or to the Internet. For example, the data rate and the duplex status of the connected port are displayed and the availability of PoE and PoE + is checked. The port ID can be displayed if the tested port supports the LLDP or CDP protocol. An integrated generator generates sound signals for the cable search at the patch field with the help of a compatible inductive receiver. The SignalTEK NT also shows the optical power level at fiber optic connections. Cabling or network components can thus be more easily identified as the cause of the fault. This allows tests to be run faster, easier and more cost-effectively.


The easy and intuitive to use SignalTEK NT does not require calibration and is equipped with interchangeable RJ-45 contact inserts. This reduces the tester’s total cost of use. To further increase productivity when testing data cables and active networks, the SignalTEK NT enables automatic coupling to the remote device at the far end of the line. This means that one technician alone can start all tests from either end of the line, from the SignalTEK NT or from the remote device, without the help of a second colleague. This means that time and costs for a second technician can be completely saved.


“The SignalTEK NT is unique in that it enables copper and fiber testing, network troubleshooting and PDF reporting, and the new IDEAL AnyWARE app. In doing so, it helps to save the otherwise necessary investment in several individual testers for copper and glass fiber and to increase productivity, ”emphasizes Tim Widdershoven, Global Marketing Manager at IDEAL Networks.


In conclusion, he adds: “Proof of the service provided is becoming increasingly important for customers. With the SignalTEK NT, the installers and technicians benefit from a solution that not only carries out a large number of tests precisely, but also creates a selection of meaningful reports in a matter of seconds that can be sent to the customer immediately and prove that the cabling and that Network work according to the specifications. „


Further information, as well as a video explaining the advantages of the SignalTEK NT, can be found on the web at: https://www.trend-networks.com/de/