Der neue Saphir-Servicevertrag für die Kabelzertifizierer LanTEK II/III stellt sich vor

IDEAL Networks has developed and launched a new sapphire service contract for all owners of the LanTEK II and LanTEK III cable certifiers. With this special service contract, you can be sure that you will not have to expect unpredictable repair costs with your LanTEK II / III. The main advantage of this service plan is that downtimes are minimized and operating costs are reduced. Here are some of the advantages offered by the Sapphire service contract:

Free annual calibration

To ensure the accuracy of the measurements and compliance with the standards ISO IEC 61935-1 and TIA 1152, it is necessary that cable certifiers are calibrated every 12 months.

We calibrate your certifier without additional costs and carry out all necessary software and firmware updates.

Free repairs

During the term of the Saphir service contract, we take over the standard repairs for the certifier and for all accessories to protect you from unpredictable costs.

Free loaner for repair and calibration

In the unlikely event that your LanTEK II / III has to be sent in for repair, we will send a loan device to you within one working day of your notification.

A loaner is also provided for calibrations in order to keep downtimes to a minimum. So you can continue working without interruption. We deliver the loan device before picking up the LanTEK II / III.

Free Shipping

We take care of the collection and return for you if your LanTEK II / III needs repair or calibration.

Exchangeable wear parts

To further reduce your operating costs, you can choose to replace one of these wearing parts free of charge each year:

• 4 x PLA replacement measuring tips (permanent link adapter) (1 pair)
• 4 x CAT6A reference patch cable
• 2 x CAT6A channel adapter
• 2 x CAT6 / 5e channel adapter
• 2 x LanTEK II / III batteries

Free training and technical support

Our qualified technicians offer free online training and technical support. All you have to do is give us the number of your Saphir service contract when you call.

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However, you should not wait too long. If you take advantage of the Sapphire service contract within 60 days of purchasing the LanTEK II / III, you will receive a 10% discount.

You can find out more at 0 89/9 96 86 – 0 or by email to