5 praktische und besondere Leistungsmerkmale des Testers SignalTEK CT für Datenleitungen

The SignalTEK CT data line tester from IDEAL Networks is not only inexpensive, it also offers a variety of practical functions that speed up many tests. Below are some of the ways the SignalTEK CT can increase the productivity and efficiency of your cable tests.

Testing the Ethernet data rate

The SignalTEK CT measures the actual transmission power of the data line precisely by sending Ethernet data bidirectionally, i.e. in both directions, over the cable at a speed of 1 Gbit / s. If even a single frame is lost, the test is considered failed. Since this data rate test is carried out according to the internationally recognized Gigabit Ethernet standard IEEE802.3ab, which currently places the strictest requirements, you can guarantee that the data lines have been installed reliably and efficiently.

Create cable test reports anywhere

With the free IDEAL AnyWARE application software , you as a technician can create separate PDF or CSV test reports for each order and thus prove to the customer that the transmission links you have tested comply with the recommended Gigabit Ethernet performance specifications.

This enables you to send the reports to colleagues and customers via email or a file sharing app. This means that your technicians no longer have to wait unnecessarily to upload their test reports and your customers receive the reports in record time.

Improve customer service and brand identity

The test reports can not only be downloaded immediately in various formats; the summary of each individual test report is also individually customizable and can be provided with your company logo and all other company information. This helps to build trust in your company and conveys a professional image of your company. Each report can be filtered so that it only shows the passed or failed tests and can also be saved in three different versions as an overview, short and full report. The simple but meaningful format helps less tech-savvy customers to easily understand the content of the report.

Avoid network downtime

The quick autotest of the SignalTEK CT shows the performance of the network within seconds. This makes it much faster than comparable testers on the market. In addition, the SignalTEK CT is characterized by a robust design. Therefore, moderate damage and bumps in the field do not bother him. The RJ45 contact inserts can also be replaced on site – this helps to further reduce possible network downtimes due to worn or damaged sockets.

Reduce the cost of cable testing

Most technicians are on the move with complex technical equipment, including several testers and a laptop. The SignalTEK CT, on the other hand, tests data lines quickly and efficiently, thereby significantly reducing the acquisition costs for measurement technology. Now you can still do without a laptop because the reports can be transferred to a USB stick or forwarded via WLAN using the IDEAL AnyWARE app .

The SignalTEK CT is a combination of a handheld device and a terminal. In this way, measurements from both ends of the line can be carried out by a single technician, saving time.

In addition, the tester does not need to be calibrated annually, further reducing your maintenance costs.

The tests meet the requirements of the Gigabit Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3ab and can be carried out on shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables (STP / UTP) including Kat 5e, Kat 6, Kat 6 A and Kat 7 (wiring according to TIA 568A and 568B ) are carried out.

To learn more about the SignalTEK CT data line tester features, visit our website or call us at + 49 (0) 89 99 686-0 to speak to one of our specialists.