How network service business ISG Technology saved time and money with NaviTEK NT

ISG Technology, a network service business, has gained benefits beyond cost effectiveness and time saving when installing cables and network troubleshooting thanks to NaviTEK NT Pro.

Justin Hill, Senior Engineer at ISG Technology said that “NaviTEK NT Pro saves us time, saves us money and makes my job a lot easier when it comes to troubleshooting.” The company has purchased seven NaviTEK NT Pro testers in total as well as Fibre Kit accessories.

The NaviTEK NT Pro from TREND Networks is a Network troubleshooter  for copper and fibre which can locate cable breaks, shorting pairs and incorrect wiring. Justin confirmed: “We no longer have to trace the cables manually.”


Convenient handheld network tester

NaviTEK NT Pro is a more convenient and efficient alternative to network troubleshooting using a laptop or software tool. Network test equipment needs to be easily portable when customers are scattered over large sites and movement is restricted within confined working spaces.

Network tester for multiple needs

Plus, a single tester can meet multiple needs, from checking a device is on the right VLAN to detecting the IP information or checking cable length for compliance with standards. This means less equipment is needed for efficient troubleshooting.


User-friendly network tester

The NaviTEK NT Pro which now includes a touchscreen, also makes it easy to determine whether a device is using PoE or not, and if it is getting enough power.

“The display on the NaviTEK NT Pro was instantly better than on any of the products we have used before, with a bigger, easier to read screen,” said Justin.

ISG Technology reports using AnyWARE app

Using the free TREND AnyWARE™ app, the NaviTEK NT Pro also provides better reporting than other testers ISG has used in the past.

“Previously we had to take a photo of the tester screen to capture the test results we wanted to share with customers,” explains Justin. “Now we can export proper reports from the tester and send them to clients from our mobile phones.”

Some customers want a report on the performance of the cable to prove it is working as intended and more easily identify the cause of any future faults. A wiremap can also be provided to the customer to help prevent unpaid call backs, making jobs more profitable.

For more information on how the handheld NaviTEK NT Pro tester can support you with troubleshooting and installation, visit or contact our dedicated team for expert advice on (0)+44 1925 428 380.