Frequently asked questions about our change in ownership

IDEAL Networks began the new year by announcing the exciting news that the business is now under new ownership. This positive change is set to help IDEAL Networks thrive and accelerate growth, and with several new product launches set for 2019, the timing couldn’t be better.

Whilst changes may be happening internally, our dedicated service to our customers will always remain the same. We want to make sure our customers are kept in the loop, so we’ve collated our most frequently asked questions to help you understand what will be affected.

Who has acquired IDEAL Networks?

The acquisition was made by private equity firm CBPE Capital LLP alongside the incumbent management team led by Paul Walsh. CBPE is an established, leading London-based private equity investor that will be providing us with valuable input to help us pursue our exciting plans.

CPBE has acquired the business from our former parent, IDEAL INDUSTRIES Inc, whose support has enabled us to reach this stage of our development.

When did the sale complete?

The sale was completed on 20th December 2018.

Will customers continue to receive Technical Support?

Yes, business will continue as normal and our free Technical Support will be available to all customers. Our highly experienced team will continue to provide an outstanding service, so if you need to speak to a specialist, fill in our online contact form or call 01494 486 432 today.

Can I still purchase test equipment from your distributors?

Yes, IDEAL Networks has built up valuable relationships with our distribution partners across the globe and there will be no interruption to the supply.

To find out where you can purchase our range of network and data cable testers, click here.

Who is the IDEAL Networks CEO?

Our Chief Executive Officer is Paul Walsh who will be working with the management team including Chief Finance Officer Scott Paterson, Development Director Peter Kent, Operations Director Russell Stratton and Marketing Director Tim Widdershoven.

Will any network or cable testers be discontinued?

There will not be any changes to our product line, and we will continue to offer a wide range of network testers, data cable testers and CCTV testers.
The change in ownership will help us to respond even faster to our customer’s needs, and we are looking forward to expanding our innovative product range over the coming years.

If you have any other questions about our change in ownership, please feel free to contact us.