Why the TREND Networks FiberMASTER Power Meter and Light Source is your new kit bag essential

Want instant results when testing fibre optic cable? FiberMASTER is a small and simple touchscreen fibre cable power meter and light source kit that provides the speed and accuracy that you need.

Multi-purpose power meter and light source kit

The FiberMASTER power meter and light source can be used to measure attenuation in either multimode or single-mode cabling, giving you flexibility on the job. Auto-test up to three wavelengths and benefit from auto wavelength switching and storage for up to 40,000 tests.

You can also depend on the power meter’s high dynamic range for effective troubleshooting of LAN and Telecom networks. The industry-leading dynamic range (82 dB) helps you test longer fibres and maintain accuracy on high-loss fibres.

Easy to use touchscreen tester

FiberMASTER is designed to be extremely simple to use, even with just one hand. It boots up in an instant, making every test more efficient.

The touchscreen user interface with bright colour display on the power meter also supports you. An on-board help feature provides a step-by-step guide to the setup and testing process. This not only reduces errors and inefficiency, but means you can be up and running using the FiberMASTER Power Meter and Light Source kit with little or no training.

Project reporting and documentation is also fast and easy with the free CertSoft PC reporting software included with FiberMASTER. Reports can include trace graphs, schematic and table analysis, power meter results and connector images. As you can store images directly in your FiberMASTER tester, these are easily added to your Power Meter test reports.

A flexible part of the FiberMASTER family

Both the FiberMASTER Power Meter and Light Source have been designed to support the FiberMASTER fibre inspection probe, which captures images of the connector on each end of the cabling. 90% of all fibre optic cable and network issues arise from dirty and/or damaged fibre connectors, which is where our auto-centring Fibre Inspection Video Probe, with Automatic Certification to IEC61300-3-35 Standard, can help.

If you already have a FiberMASTER OTDRs, then you can opt to add only the FiberMASTER Light Source to your kit bag. The OTDRs include a power meter, so when partnered with a light source can be used to directly measure cable attenuation or to measure the output power of optical equipment for troubleshooting.

Affordability and dependability combined

TREND Networks has more than 30 years’ worldwide experience in developing fibre optic testers. This knowledge, our efficiencies in product, and global economies of scale enable us to keep costs low. When you invest in a FiberMASTER Power Meter and Light Source, you could save around 50% compared to some other premium fibre testing equipment manufacturers.

To reduce potential damage and downtime, the FiberMASTER testers are also designed with thick rubber housing that ensures they stand are up to high demand and tough conditions. A rigid case is also included to help protect your investment on the go.

The TREND Networks Sapphire Care Plan is also available offering complete protection for your FiberMASTER Power Meter and Light Source, helping protect against unforeseen repairs and the associated costs. This includes free annual calibration, free repairs, free loan unit during repairs and calibration, free online training and technical support, free shipping, and free replaceable wear parts.

Depend On Us for fibre testing

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