UniPRO MGig1 Series

  • Ethernet transmission tester for carrier and enterprise networks
  • Comprehensive in-line network monitoring
  • Simplified set-up of target devices, services and tests
  • RFC2544, BERT, SLA-Tick and Y.1564 (NetSAM)
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple services
  • QoS tests – multiple VLAN (QinQ), MPLS, ToS and DSCP



Designed for comprehensive turn-up testing, monitoring and troubleshooting of fixed line, mobile, microwave and wireless carrier Ethernet links.  UniPRO MGig1 is suitable for use on any backhaul link at speeds of up to 1 Gb/s.

UniPRO MGig1 allows enterprise users to monitor the actual bandwidth and performance compared to the agreed service levels from the service provider. It can also be used to stress test and monitor the performance of LAN backbone links.

Carrier users:

  • Telco, cable TV, broadband, metro Ethernet WAN and leased line service providers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Data centres

Enterprise users:

  • Managers of public utility, industrial, transportation, health care, education and financial networks
  • LAN installation and maintenance personnel
  • System integrators

Product features

Reduce configuration time with independent set-up parameters (devices, services and tests)

Unlike a typical Ethernet transmission tester, where the configuration of target devices, services and type of tests are mixed together, the UniPRO MGig1 separates them into 3 easy to manage independent processes.

One touch to run multiple tests – unattendedSingle button Autotest is an automatic sequence test function that executes user defined multi test items for specific applications (such as radio link installation)The most cost-effective RFC2544/Y.1564 tester in the market

UniPRO MGig1 performs Bi-Directional or loop back testing of Y.1564 and RFC2544 including  a jitter sub test with an-easy to understand pass/fail curve.

Bi-Directional CIR (committed information rate), EIR (excess information rate) and policing tests with colour identification makes the Ethernet link test a better real-world simulation of multi-stream network traffic compared to RFC2544.

uniprosel1 mfeatures diagram1


SLA-Tick (Service Level Agreement)

UniPRO MGig1 tests the actual bandwidth and performance compared to the agreed service levels from the service provider significantly faster than RFC2544 and Y.1564 testing. The SLA-Tick test simultaneously performs multi service (stream) information rate, frame loss, jitter, delay and service disruption time (SDT) into a single operation.

Bit Error Rate Test (BERT)

BERT tests the Ethernet frame payload from layer 1 to layer 4 in Ethernet links and compares the error ratio or error bit count to pre-defined limits ensuring error free transmission at the specified bandwidth

Multi Service (Stream) test

Up to eight service parameters measured simultaneously on SLA-Tick and Y.1564 (NetSAM) tests. Enables service priority check over the network such as video, data and VoIP as well as 3G/4G mobile backhaul link test.

Multiple levels of VLAN (QinQ) and MPLS

Allows up to eight levels of VLAN within VLAN nesting for RFC2544, Y.1564 (NetSAM), BERT and SLA-Tick testing. For links using MPLS, UniPRO MGig1 PRO can test up to three levels with label, class and TTL for each service

Comprehensive in-line network monitoring

Measures total incoming and outgoing bandwidth consumption.

It measures top ten band-width users sorted by source and destination address (IP or MAC address) or up to three levels of VLAN ID (VLAN tag).

PoE/PoE+ testing monitors power consumed by a device and performs load testing to determine maximum amount of power available at a port.

Monitoring statistics include: multi cast, uni cast, broad cast, frame size, frame error count (FCS errors), network utilisation and LLDP protocol detection

Simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 support

Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 internet addresses to future-proof the investment in UniPRO MGig1

UniPRO MGig1 model:

Entry level model for first line users. TREND for radio link installers, fixed link installers, subcontractors, network maintenance professionals and system integrators.

UniPRO MGig1 Plus model:

TREND for field engineers who want the ability to augment pre-configured and auto sequence tests with the ability to dig deeper into the troubleshooting of unsatisfactory test results – or who wish to do detailed manual testing.

UniPRO MGig1 Pro model:

Full ITU-T Y.1564 (NetSAM) multi service (stream) testing capability. Retains the simplicity of use, intuitive graphic interface and time saving pre-configured and single button auto sequence testing functions. Adds the independent target and service to cut troubleshooting time.


A self contained intelligent loopback device to accompany any of the UniPRO MGig1 units to enable loopback at the distant end of the link.


  • WAN, enterprise and metro Ethernet access – copper and fibre service turn-up
  • Installation and maintenance of fixed line and mobile backhaul
  • Installation and maintenance of fibre optic, copper and microwave radio links
  • Test throughput available to cellular microcells or public Wi-Fi access points
  • Verify bandwidth and other parameters meet SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Product models




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