Depend on our Free 3-Year Warranty for your SignalTEK NT Network Transmission Tester

Did you know that for a limited time you can receive a free three-year warranty and free extras when you purchase a TREND Networks SignalTEK NT Network Transmission Tester?

Why? Because we know that you need network testing equipment with support that you can rely on, as well as the accurate data you need to get the job done. With our new offer, you can receive a free three-year warranty, to cover exchange and repair, alongside a free VFF5 Fibre Optic Visual Fault Finder and a free LC Adapter too!

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Why do you need a SignalTEK NT tester?

Designed to support the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of data cabling and Ethernet networks, SignalTEK NT is a cost-effective, and accurate way of proving that copper and fibre networks provide error-free performance.

Do you realise that there is no industry standard to define the testing requirements of cable qualifiers? So, a passed qualification test does not prove that the installed structured cabling will provide flawless data transmission. Enter the SignalTEK NT network transmission tester, which can dependably prove the performance of a network up to Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.

SignalTEK NT from TREND Networks can measure the performance of a network by sending real Ethernet data frames through the cabling and/or network devices to compare the error rate against the IEEE802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard. This provides a clear standards-based Pass/Fail of the link being tested, giving your customers complete reassurance.

The user-friendly copper and fibre network transmission tester does not require configuration, as the two handsets automatically pair ready for testing. It can be used to simulate various services including VoIP, CCTV, Video, and web traffic.

Depend On Us with a free 3-year network transmission tester warranty

At TREND Networks we have confidence in our products and to prove you can Depend on Us,  SignalTEK NT is available with a free three-year warranty, as well as a free VFF5 Visual Fault Finder and free LC adapter with any purchases between July 19 and September 30 2021.

Free Visual Fault Finder for fibre optic cabling

As well as getting all the benefits of SignalTEK NT, our special promotion also gives you a TREND Networks VFF5 fiber optic cable Visual Fault Finder completely free of charge.  The handy VFF5 visually identifies and locates faults in fibre optic cabling. Looking at continuity, and locating brakes, poor mechanical splices, and damaged connectors, it can help save you time when troubleshooting fibre networks.

Depend On Us for comprehensive reports

To support your SignalTEK NT tester, the TREND Networks AnyWARE app is also free of charge to enable comprehensive test management and reporting. It allows the user to view and send reports from anywhere, making collaboration with colleagues and clients fast and simple.

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This exciting SignalTEK NT promotion is running throughout the summer, so take advantage and update your networking testing equipment before September 30.

Get your SignalTEK NT with free three-year warranty and added free extras now. Or for more information, contact us.