Could one simple switch boost your productivity when certifying cable?

Time. That’s what our customers always tell us they could do with more of! It’s also why time efficiency is one of the key things that we build into our TREND Networks cable and network testing products. Take the innovative LanTEK IV cable certifier, for example.

Our recent research has shown that if you’re a cable installer or systems integrator, simply by switching from your existing certifier to LanTEK IV, you could increase your productivity by an average of 53%. Our survey found this was the case for those upgrading to LanTEK IV from a Fluke Networks or Softing certifier, as well as from a previous generation tester.

Here are some of the reasons why LanTEK IV is the perfect option for those looking to save time and increase productivity.

  • LanTEK IV has a 7-second test time for Cat 6a cable – 74% of users find this boosts productivity
  • 64% of LanTEK IV users find that the unique VisiLINQ Permanent Link Adapters, which feature a switch and status indicator light at the end of the adapter, make it faster and easier to test cabling
  • 59% said TREND AnyWARE Cloud reduces the time wasted installing new hardware and provides useful data storage. The TREND AnyWARE Cloud Test Management System for cable certifiers also enables pre-configuration that saves test time in the field
  • 55% of those surveyed also said that TREND AnyWARE also helps eliminate mistakes from manual data entry and reduces the need to revisit job sites
  • 55% of users find that the touchscreen user interface on the LanTEK IV copper and fibre certifier provides easy and fast set up and simple operation, reducing the risk of mistakes
  • 40% said that the LanTEK IV Team Viewer Live Support feature minimises troubleshooting time and reduces call-backs by increasing collaboration. Project Managers, Cable Manufacturers, or TREND Networks’ Technical Support Engineers can remotely access the tester so your issues can be resolved more quickly

Still need convincing?

We know that every business is different, so claims like the above can sound too good to be true. But we can prove exactly how much time and money you could save by switching to LanTEK IV with our new Cost of Ownership calculator.

This clever tool takes real data about your business operation, from employee costs, to tester age, test volume and frequency of issues, and tells you the savings you could expect to enjoy with LanTEK IV compared to your current tester.

To find out the potential productivity gains for your business, contact us now to request a cable certifier Cost of Ownership review using our TREND Networks calculator tool.

Ready to make the switch?

There has never been a better time to make the switch to LanTEK IV, as we currently have a great trade in offer that could save you thousands!

Users of LanTEK I/II/III and those with an unsupported DTX certifier can trade-in for a LanTEK IV now and save up to $3000. See your DTX trade-in options or how much you could save by switching from a previous generation LanTEK certifier.

Learn more about LanTEK IV

The LanTEK IV cable certifier provides a completely new way to certify, boosting profits and productivity to help you get the job done now, and be ready to certify to future standards too. Request a LanTEK IV demo today to see how it works.