One million tests uploaded to TREND Networks AnyWARE Cloud

More than one million tests from 38 countries have now been uploaded to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system from the LanTEK IV cable certifier.

“Since its launch in July 2019, TREND AnyWARE Cloud has proven a big success, evidenced by the sheer global scale of tests uploaded so far,” says Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director for TREND Networks. “With a totally different way to manage test data, it has also helped technicians and installers to work more flexibly and safely despite the challenges of Covid-19.”

The secure and dependable cloud-based tool can be accessed, viewed, and updated on all common web browsers, via PC or tablet, an ideal solution with more people working from home due to Covid-19 restrictions. As it is not necessary to log in to a specific PC with test management software installed, users can remotely upload tests from their LanTEK IV cable certifier easily, without the need to travel to an office to upload or to back-up the data where software is locally installed on a PC. Similarly reports can be easily managed, edited, and shared from anywhere via TREND AnyWARE Cloud.

“Keeping people safe remains a top priority at the moment,” says Tim. “The AnyWARE Cloud helps businesses provide an extra layer of safety and security for their teams, limiting interpersonal contact and reducing travel, while also getting the job done more easily and efficiently.”

Project Managers are also supported for remote working with the TREND AnyWARE Cloud platform, as they can login to pre-configure all project information. This helps to eliminate errors on site, reducing call-backs and social contact, while keeping unnecessary costs down. By removing the need for manual data entry on site, jobs can also be completed more quickly, helping to decrease the time spent on site. LanTEK IV also supports this, with the capability for all tests up to Cat6A to be conducted and saved in just 7 seconds, including any optional measurements such as TCL and resistance unbalance.

For effective and safe collaboration and troubleshooting, LanTEK IV also offers the Team Viewer Live Support feature, which allows colleagues and the TREND Networks’ Technical Support team to connect to the certifier remotely.

“Aside from helping businesses work differently in recent months, our recent research has shown that the TREND AnyWARE Cloud also has a big impact on productivity,” says Tim, explaining that 59% of users said that it had a high or very high impact on their productivity, thanks to its innovative functions which decrease the time needed to create projects and test IDs and enable extensive pre-configuration that saves test time in the field. 55% of those surveyed also said that this helps eliminate mistakes from manual data entry and reduces the need to revisit job sites.

“We are proud to see tests reach the one million milestone and can only imagine how much time we have saved our LanTEK users, and their customers, with each one of these tests,” says Tim. “So we are excited that the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system is now also available with our new SignalTEK 10G Ethernet tester.”

Launched in January 2021, SignalTEK 10G is a feature-rich handheld tester designed to measure the maximum bandwidth available on networks, identify bottlenecks, and find ways to increase bandwidth without the need to replace expensive data cabling. By simulating actual network traffic SignalTEK 10G enables users to test, troubleshoot and document network and data cable performance up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet standards.

SignalTEK 10G users benefit from the TREND AnyWARE Cloud in the same ways as those using LanTEK IV, with increased collaboration, pre-configuration options, Team Viewer Live Support, and professional, accurate reporting for customers.

“In tune with the changing ways of working in the cable and network testing industry, we hope to bring the benefits of TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system to other testers in our range in the future,” says Tim.

The TREND AnyWARE Cloud is completely free to LanTEK III and IV users and SignalTEK 10G users, who can register to use the solution at:

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