7 reasons why SignalTEK 10G is an award winner

SignalTEK 10G was recently named Gold Honouree at the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards. Here are seven things that make this dependable handheld bandwidth tester an award winner.

  1. Discover opportunities to increase bandwidth

Before looking to replace expensive copper data cabling, use SignalTEK 10G to verify if deploying Multi-Gigabit switches could be a more affordable alternative to increase bandwidth.  The SignalTEK 10G Ethernet tester will measure the maximum bandwidth on the network, proving if the data cabling can support speeds up to 10Gb/s

  • Trace, troubleshoot, and wiremap

Downtime issues? SignalTEK 10G can help you identify bottlenecks caused by bandwidth hungry devices or services. What’s more, you can conduct copper cable tracing and wiremapping, and troubleshoot easily by identifying cable length and distance to fault.

  • Confirm PoE capabilities

PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices are growing in popularity, but they aren’t always ‘plug and play’.  Whether you’re adding phones, security cameras, lighting, or anything else to a network, SignalTEK 10G can help you check if the device will operate successfully before you install it. It identifies the Class of the PoE source and power available and a clear pass/fail is provided to industry standards.

  • Preconfigure for accuracy

The SignalTEK 10G bandwidth tester is part of the TREND AnyWARE Cloud ecosystem. This enables project managers to pre-configure the jobs and tests from anywhere there is a web browser to access the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, helping reduce mistakes in the field.

  • Collaborative troubleshooting

SignalTEK 10G is designed to help save time. With the TeamViewer Live Support feature, Project Managers or other colleagues can remotely connect to your SignalTEK 10G tester on the jobsite for real-time collaboration, speeding up troubleshooting.

  • Dependable reporting

The free TREND AnyWARE Cloud tool is also a test management system.  Carry out tests to industry standards, then connect using SignalTEK 10G’s built-in Wi-Fi to create professional reports with dependable data, quickly and easily.

  • A tester that evolves with you

SignalTEK 10G is designed to be feature-rich and futureproof. As your needs change, you can unlock additional fibre and network testing features easily, such as the ability to verify fibre link speed to 1G or 10G, or active network troubleshooting. This makes your budget go further, as you don’t need to pay for more functionality than you need.

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