Why CCTV installers need SignalTEK 10G in their kit bag

With a rise in digital / IP CCTV systems alongside other bandwidth-hungry products and services, Ethernet networks are becoming more strained.  Sufficient bandwidth is key for ensuring that IP CCTV cameras deliver the reliable performance and picture quality the customer needs. This is where SignalTEK 10G from TREND Networks can help.

SignalTEK 10G is a handheld bandwidth tester from TREND Networks which can help you find ways to increase network bandwidth for customers to accommodate new security camera installations, without the need to invest in replacing expensive cable infrastructure. It can also help troubleshoot network issues post-installation.

Measure the bandwidth of the existing network

Before beginning the installation process, you need to identify whether the CCTV cameras can be supported on the existing network. Measure the maximum bandwidth available on the network, using the SignalTEK 10G Ethernet troubleshooter, and if you discover the network doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth, you can explore alternative options. For example, you could try reducing the number of cameras to ease bandwidth pressure or configure the cameras at a lower megapixel quality.

Verify switch upgrades as an option

However, the best solution could be to increase bandwidth, and this is often possible without replacing cabling. Instead, Multigig switches can be used to increase bandwidth up to 10Gb/s. But how do you know this will work before you go ahead?

With SignalTEK 10G, you can simulate network traffic to verify whether the existing cable is capable of supporting up to 10Gb/s speeds. If so, you can install Multigig switches, increasing the bandwidth to run the IP security cameras sufficiently, without minimal disruption and downtime for other devices sharing the network.

Test PoE power available

If your customers already have CCTV place, but are having issues with connection, downtime, or poor quality of CCTV images, you can use the multi-purpose SignalTEK 10G to test the PoE network for issues.  The SignalTEK 10G Ethernet troubleshooter gives accurate measurements of the maximum power available, eliminating the need for any guesswork during maintenance and troubleshooting. This smart tester identifies the Class of the PoE source and power available up to 90W to a PoE device, regardless of cable length, cable quality or other factors and provides a pass/fail result to the IEEE standards.

Troubleshoot network issues efficiently

IP CCTV is commonly sharing a network with a number of other devices. If cameras are not working, you can test with SignalTEK 10G to see if the problem is caused by network or congestion issues. Likewise, you can  eliminate the network as the cause of the problem, and then proceed to troubleshoot the issue elsewhere, such as looking at problems with the equipment itself.

SignalTEK 10G saves you valuable time while troubleshooting thanks to the 72-hour event log function. Simply plug the tester in on site, and leave the diagnostics running. A few days later you can collect, analyse your results, and troubleshoot as needed.  SignalTEK 10G offers a range of network troubleshooting features to help installers deal with many different issues, without needing to bring lots of other cumbersome equipment to site.

Use AnyWARE Cloud for reliable reports and results

After the successful installation of a CCTV system, if an issue occurs, it is often the installer held responsible – even if, for example, it is as a result of customer changing the network parameters.  This makes proving the performance of the installation an essential part of any digital CCTV job. SignalTEK 10G uses the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system to overcome this, enabling detailed reports to be generated simply, that the client can sign off after the job. This report can show the agreed parameters, so in the event of issues later, it is clear to see whether they have been changed.  This makes any returns to site to troubleshoot a billable visit, aiding profitability.

For convenience, SignalTEK 10G offers built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to seamlessly sync test results to the AnyWARE Cloud, so colleagues anywhere can access the results or generate the reports. Alternatively, test results and PDF reports can be transferred via a USB drive.

Depend On Us for CCTV and Security Systems

SignalTEK 10G from TREND Networks was made for troubleshooting and measuring bandwidth and is a great addition to any digital CCTV installers tool kit. To arrange a demo, get in touch with our team today, who can also provide details of the full suite of solutions available from TREND Networks to support CCTV and security installers and integrators.