Why our name is changing to TREND Networks

You may have seen in the press or on our social media channels that our name is soon changing from IDEAL Networks to TREND Networks and you may be wondering what exactly is going to change.

Re-branding to TREND Networks enables us to better reflect our vision, mission, goals and our innovative outlook through our company name. You will also notice that we have a new tagline ‘Depend on Us’, highlighting that we are committed to delivering dependable results, equipment, and support.

You’ll see the word ‘TREND’ replace ‘IDEAL’ in our logo, but all of our highly dependable industry-leading solutions will remain unchanged and available.  We will still be selling the products you know and rely on every day, such as cable certifiers, network testers, PoE testers, cable verifiers and CCTV testers.

Why the name TREND Networks?

Throughout its history, IDEAL Networks acquired and absorbed a number of test and measurement businesses, including Trend Communications.

Founded in 1965, this market-leading company was renowned for its test equipment, largely in the telecommunications industry.  And while we won’t be becoming specialists in telecoms testers, Trend Communication’s reputation for innovating and bringing industry firsts to its sector resonated with us.

We share the same aspirations to deliver industry-first innovative and pioneering products, so what better inspiration for our new company name – TREND Networks?

The name change also consolidates our identity following the acquisition from IDEAL INDUSTRIES, Inc. more than two years ago by CBPE Capital alongside the incumbent management team. Now we have a name that we feel better reflects who we are as a business and what we want to achieve.

Will anything else change?

As we mentioned at the start, we also have a new tagline ‘Depend on Us’, which is our cast-iron commitment to ensure that, even in the most challenging circumstances, we will support our products, troubleshoot problems fast and will always be there for you when you need us most. Our ‘Depend on Us’ philosophy means that with TREND Networks you can rely on dependable results, dependable equipment and dependable support.

That means that although our name is changing, we will have the same products, with the same product names, and you’ll be dealing with the same people and same distribution partners across all our locations globally (which will also remain unchanged).

You can expect to receive the same level of repairs, maintenance, customer service, training and product support that you’re accustomed to.

As TREND Networks, we will continue to offer the wide range of robust test equipment and solutions that give you the dependable results and exceptional accuracy you rely on, alongside excellent support from the team to help resolve any problems quickly.

Are there new TREND Networks products?

To help make every job easier for integrators, technicians, and installers, we are always working on the development of new reliable products, as well as updates to our existing product range. Such as our recently launched SignalTEK 10G Ethernet tester, and our unique LanTEK IV cable certifier. This will carry on after our name change, and into the future.

Although we can’t announce all the details just yet, one of our first focuses is on developing our cloud-based test management system, the IDEAL AnyWARE Cloud (which will become the TREND AnyWARE Cloud), so that it has even greater functionality and can support a wider range of our test equipment. Watch this space!

If you have any other questions about our change of name to TREND Networks, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Or for more information, read our name change FAQ.