SignalTEK 10G – Ethernet cable and bandwidth tester

Pressure on networks is increasing and downtime is expensive.
Fix it fast with SignalTEK 10G.

  • Determine max bandwidth up to 10 Gb/s
  • Verify Multi-Gig upgrades on existing cabling
  • Pass/Fail to 1/2.5/5/10Gb IEEE standards
  • Eliminate PoE guesswork up to 90W
  • Copper and fibre interfaces up to 10Gb
  • TREND AnyWARE Cloud and PDF reporting

£2,640 - £5,790 excl. VAT



The new SignalTEK 10G measures the maximum bandwidth of the network cabling up to 10 Gigabits per second. By simulating actual network traffic users can test, troubleshoot and document network and data cable performance up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet standards.

SignalTEK 10G has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to connect seamlessly to the free AnyWARE Cloud test management system. AnyWARE Cloud offers pre-configuration to eliminate errors on-site, label printer connectivity to save time and “proof of performance” PDF reports for the clients.

Why do I need a 10G Ethernet Tester?

LAN networks are at risk of expensive downtime and lost productivity due to the ever-increasing demand of bandwidth hungry services such as video streaming, video conferencing, CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi access points.

SignalTEK 10G will measure the maximum bandwidth available of the network, identify bottlenecks and discover opportunities to increase bandwidth without replacing expensive data cabling.

Avoid network downtime
Troubleshoot Ethernet connectivity issues faster using diagnostic tools.

Pinpoint bottlenecks faster
Discover which part of your network is causing the bottleneck.

Validate network upgrades
Verify Multi-Gigabit switch upgrades to 1/2.5/5 and 10Gb/s speeds.

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Product features

SignalTEK 10G Features

10G Ethernet Troubleshooter and Bandwidth Tester


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There are 111 billion metres of Cat5e/Cat6 cabling installed globally that is limited to 1Gb/s bandwidth speeds due to the current switches deployed.
Upgrading to Multi-Gigabit switches could increase speed but it is unclear what bandwidth the existing cabling will support.



Use SignalTEK 10G to verify what the data cabling will support (up to 10Gb/s) before spending money on new Multi-Gigabit switches delivering 2.5/5/10Gb/s speeds.

Use the SignalTEK 10G again following the upgrade to prove performance to the client with the “proof of performance” PDF reports.


What is the maximum error-free bandwidth the cabling / infrastructure can support?

The max throughput test takes the guesswork out of existing cabling infrastructure. With one test you can easily see what hardware or applications would work on an existing link saving time and reducing the cost of replacing expensive data cabling.

As simple as 1-2-3

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Fibre Testing

Verify fibre link speed to 1G or 10G, measure optical power and data throughput.

Validate Fibre Link Speed – The fibre link speed test confirms the connection is 1G or 10G which can be affected by cable length or
signal loss.

Troubleshoot Fibre Cable Issues – The Tx & Rx optical power measurement is compared to the expected power level to determine attenuation in a fibre link. This indicates if the connector is dirty or damaged which is the number one cause of failure.

Easy to understand traffic light status – The simple traffic light indicator displays Good, Marginal or Poor power level based on
IEEE 802.3 1G/10G limits.

Max throughput test – The SignalTEK 10G will prove the maximum available bandwidth over the fibre link up to 10Gb/s.

Discover a faulty SFP – The SFP temperature is measured to help understand if it has become faulty.


10G/Multi-Gigabit Performance

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Meets your network needs today and tomorrow.

The SignalTEK 10G will help to increase network bandwidth without replacing expensive cable infrastructure, troubleshoot PoE and Ethernet issues and prove the maximum bandwidth up to 10 Gigabits per second.


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