Save $120 on a brand new PoE Pro cable verifier!

Have you been wanting to get your hands on the intelligent PoE Pro cable verifier? Now’s the time to refresh your toolkit and say goodbye to guesswork with the innovative features of the PoE Pro troubleshooter!

From now until May 29th, 2020, you can save $120 on a new PoE Pro. Here’s how the game changing PoE Pro tester can make your job easier:

No more trial and error

Eliminate trial and error when installing or troubleshooting PoE systems. With the PoE Pro cable tester you can easily and accurately measure the maximum power available to PoE devices in any installation.

Support PoE up to 90W (PoE++)

PoE Pro supports PoE up to 90W and can test all PoE Classes (0-8) and Types (af/at/bt). Instant, easy to read test results are shown on the large backlit screen. There’s no setup or complicated configuration, allowing you to simply connect the PoE Pro to the cable or PoE port to display the maximum power available. PoE Pro allows you to verify the PoE installation to IEEE standards with pass/fail indication.

Identify the powered pairs

To save time and boost productivity, you can easily see which pairs have power and whether it’s coming from a mid-span injector or a PoE switch. With comprehensive details on wiremap faults such as opens, shorts, crossovers and split pairs, PoE Pro can identify wiring errors instantly.

Extended Power Test

Some switches may provide power exceeding their IEEE Class rating. The PoE Pro can test this ability with its extended power test. Simply press the network button for 3 seconds and the PoE Pro will increase power demand up to a maximum of 90 watts.

Plus all the familiar cable testing features of the VDV II Pro

VDV II Pro is an LCD cable verifier, so unlike a blink box or LED verifier, it can deliver far more than just wiremap test results. PoE Pro has all the same features as VDV II Pro, and provides fast, accurate PoE validation that eliminates guesswork and gets the job done faster.

Save $120 when you purchase a new PoE Pro

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