New quick setup with updated LanTEK IV software

TREND Networks has released a free software update for its industry leading LanTEK IV cable certifier that introduces a new setup option to help users get started quickly on smaller or simpler jobs.

“When LanTEK IV launched last year, we had great feedback from Project Managers who were able to use the certifier’s Advanced setup capabilities to preconfigure tests, saving time and eliminating errors in the field,” explains Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director for TREND Networks. “The new software update brings businesses even greater flexibility, with the addition of a new Standard setup option.”

“Users simply choose a job folder and test standard, then proceed with testing right away, entering test IDs on-the-go,” he continues.

The standard set up mode enables field technicians to perform ad-hoc testing without setting up a project with pre-configured tests IDs, making it a good option for small projects or maintenance work. The user-friendly feature is also well suited to testing non-sequential IDs for one-off tests or move/add/change work.

As well as the introduction of the new setup mode, the latest software update also supports the requirements of a number of new international test standards. Notably, it will support upcoming changes to the TIA-568 standard to include DCRU (DC Resistance Unbalance), due later in 2020 as part of a move to ensure that all newly installed Cat 5e, and better, cabling can support high-power PoE/PoE++ (Power over Ethernet).

“To help meet our users’ requirements, TREND Networks now offers extended calibration reporting as standard,” says Tim. “Typically, the standard fee for test instrument calibration includes only a calibration certificate and a premium fee is charged when users want to see the performance data against the accuracy standards.”

Users of LanTEK IV will now be able to access calibration certificates with data at no extra cost. What’s more, the calibration certificates are stored on-board as PDF files allowing users to copy them to a USB drive if the provided hard copies are lost.

To better support the global customer base, Japanese language has been added to the user interface. Meanwhile, general software refinements will continue to ensure that LanTEK IV, and its unique VisiLINQ Permanent Link Adapters, offers a fast, accurate way to certify copper and fibre cable with all the test data that users need to prove performance.

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