6 questions to ask when choosing your next Tone and Probe kit

Whatever type of copper cable you are required to trace, test, or troubleshoot, you need a Tone and Probe kit you can depend on. Here are six questions you can ask to select the right cable test equipment for your needs.

  • How accurate are the results?

Testing cable requires accurate readings and some test equipment is more accurate than others. It may be tempting to choose the most economical kit available but the reality is, that some lower budget systems on the market are not sensitive enough to pick up on weak signals, impacting the accuracy of your work.  

To counter this, the Tone & Probe from TREND Networks is designed to pick up on even weak signals, helping you to accurately identify a specific pair of wires in a multi-pair bundle, conduct continuity tests on phone lines or detect Ethernet cable via RJ45 connectors.

  • How easy is it to use?

You’re busy and need to work profitably, so the equipment you use should be as straightforward to understand and operate as possible. An overly complicated kit only drains time and resource unnecessarily.

The new Tone & Probe from TREND Networks has been designed to make the job as simple as possible. For example, the Probe offers easier cable tracing with both audible and visual indicators.

  • Does it perform over long distances?

Whether the copper cables you’re testing are data, telephone, electrical or COAX, they can cover long distances and you still need accurate results.That’s why the Tone & Probe from TREND Networks is a high-powered approachfor tracing over long distances, that ensures you get accurate measurements. The power output of the Tone Generator enables you to trace longer cables and the Probe delivers high sensitivity to help clearly identify weak signals when troubleshooting.

  • Can I use it in the dark?

With many cables hidden away in dark corners and cupboards, you probably find yourself using a separate hand-held torch or head torch, which can be tricky and cumbersome, and is yet one more thing to carry in your kit bag!  That’s why the Tone & Probe from TREND Networks includes a built-in LED Torch,to support operationstracing cables in dark environments.

  • How reliable is the equipment?

We all know that the job of a cable tester requires a lot of travelling around from site to site which can put a toll on testing equipment. The last thing you need is your probe’s tip to snap off while you’re on the move! It is important to select something that not only gives accurate readings but that has also been built to last. 

The user-friendly, modern Tone & Probe from TREND Networks is tough enough to survive multiple journeys and offers a 70-hour battery life, so you can depend on your TREND Tone Generator to be ready, on demand.

  • How well does it function in noisy environments?

It will be no surprise to you that the cable you need to trace is often found amongst machines and people. This noisy environment can mask the tone you need to hear. The new Probe from TREND Networks includes an earphone jack to help find cables in noisy environments to help overcome this common issue. 

By asking the right questions, you can start depending on the Tone & Probe from TREND Networks to easily trace all types of copper cables. Contact us today for more information.