TREND Networks’ new PoE Pro gets Bluetooth and Cloud reporting capabilities 

Trend Networks’ new Bluetooth-enabled PoE Pro tester now supports advanced test reporting via the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App and test management system 

With PoE (Power over Ethernet) becoming more prevalent, TREND Network’s research with test equipment users has found that, increasingly, businesses need to create detailed reports for their customers. Previously, this hasn’t been possible with available PoE/verification testers. 

Reporting saves time, money and improves customer satisfaction 

Detailed reports allow businesses to easily verify that on-site technicians have completed an install correctly. While mistakes are inevitable, in the past these issues would only become evident much later. This would result in poor customer satisfaction and costly call-backs requiring skilled technicians to return to the site and spend valuable hours troubleshooting the problem. 

Another benefit of advanced test reports is the ability to clearly see that the power received on a cable passes the IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt requirements and is sufficient to power the installed device. With most data cable verifiers and PoE testers typically not offering this level of reporting, PoE Pro gives cable installation businesses the ability to offer advanced reports and have a strong advantage over competitors. 

Introducing the new TREND Networks PoE Pro with Bluetooth and Cloud reporting 

The new PoE Pro uses Bluetooth and the new TREND AnyWARE Cloud App to create cable installation and PoE certification reports. Users simply create a job folder in the app, connect to a cable, and send the result to the app. There is also an option to add a photo to each test result for complete documentation of the installation.  

From here, users simply hit ‘upload’ to seamlessly transfer the results to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud web-based test management system. The test results can then be organised into an intuitive folder structure, identifying the Building, Floor, Room, Rack and Panel of each test, ready for high quality PDF reports to be generated.  

Existing users of the TREND AnyWARE Cloud will be able to use the same highly secure and user-friendly environment to manage test results and reports for PoE Pro, as they already use for their LanTEK III/IV/IV-S cable certifiers and SignalTEK 10G bandwidth testers. In due course, there are plans to expand the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App and test management system to other products in the TREND Networks portfolio. 

TREND Networks has the latest updates for PoE testing

With an increasing number of building communication systems migrating to ethernet, more technicians are going to need a tool like PoE Pro in their bag. As such, TREND Networks has invested in the latest updates to PoE Pro as new installers and installers working on ethernet for the first time Depend On Us to provide support and validation that the cabling is working correctly. 

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