New touchscreen testers save time network testing and troubleshooting

TREND Networks  has added touchscreens to several of its network and data cable testers to make troubleshooting and transmission testing quicker and easier than ever before.

Following the upgrade, a 240 x 320-pixel LCD capacitive touchscreen will now be included as standard on all new NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro copper and fibre network troubleshooters, SignalTEK CT data cable transmission testers and SignalTEK NT network transmission testers.

All the new touchscreen models will enable fast and responsive data input, making it quicker to type names and other data into the tester. Like a smartphone or tablet, the capacitive screen is tough yet sensitive, ensuring only a light touch is needed to operate the onscreen keyboard. As many network technicians and data cable installers are already frequently using touchscreens on other devices, the upgraded TREND Networks testers offer a more intuitive way of working, helping to save time and increase efficiency on every job.

As well as touchscreen operation, the upgraded testers will provide a choice of ways to enter data into the tester. If preferred the onscreen keyboard can be navigated and operated using push buttons on the handset. This will ensure maximum usability and time saving for all users. For example, those working wearing gloves will not need to stop and remove them to enter data into the tester.

The new versions of the NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro network troubleshooting testers and SignalTEK CT and NT transmission testers will all retain their full range of existing functionality and features to support efficiency and proof of performance. For instance, the ability to easily test both copper and fibre cable, and compatibility with the TREND AnyWARE™ app, which enables professional reports to be quickly and simply exported and shared with clients and colleagues based off site.

To order a new touchscreen troubleshooting or transmission tester, or for more information on the TREND Networks range of test and measurement solutions, visit