How can TREND Networks cable testers benefit your AV business?

Want to know how high-quality, dependable cable testers could help benefit your business? TREND Networks cable testing products have recently helped US-based AV integrator, Whitlock, improve their network services and boost efficiency across their team.

Focusing mainly on conferencing systems, video collaboration and other AV systems, Whitlock uses a variety of our cable testers and network testers for effortless troubleshooting applications. If you’re an AV installer, here’s how TREND Networks testing equipment can help improve efficiency and minimise down time for you:


Improve workplace consistency with trusted cable testers

One challenge that Whitlock encountered was keeping consistency within the team. Without standardised cabling equipment, it was difficult to set in place a stable installation process across a large team of technicians. What’s more, with a selection of equipment from different manufacturers, the quality of cable terminations in the field could vary.

By investing in a range of testers from TREND Networks, you can ensure cable installation and customer performance requirements are met to a high standard on every AV integration or installation. Reliable procedures for testing and troubleshooting Cat6 cabling can be introduced, and the quality of cable terminations can be more consistent. Whitlock achieved this by purchasing:

VDV II copper cable testers
NaviTEK NT copper and fibre network troubleshooting units
SignalTEK NT transmission testers
LanTEK III cable certifiers
FiberMASTER light source/power meter
FiberTEK III Tier 1 Multi-Mode fiber certification modules

Standardise troubleshooting and save time

Whitlock was able to standardise and completely transform the way they troubleshoot cable by using the VDV II cable verifier. This easy to use cable tester checks the integrity of copper cables commonly found in domestic, commercial or industrial voice, data or video installations, reducing guesswork with the use of TDR technology.

By switching to an TREND Networks cable verifier, you can expect to see an increase in the quality of terminations, and technicians jobs will be made easier with far fewer errors. You can also save valuable troubleshooting time by having the right equipment from the outset.

“The guys love the testers – I wish we had more”

Don’t just take our word for it; Whitlock has become more proactive with the straightforward and intuitive range of TREND Networks cable testing equipment, and so can you. If you’d like to reduce the work load for your engineers and technicians, get in contact with our dedicated experts to see how our products can help benefit your workforce. To read more about Whitlock’s success, click here.

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