New IDEAL FT-45™ for simpler, more reliable cable terminations

To make assembly and termination of CAT5e and CAT6 modular plugs simpler and more successful, the IDEAL FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs and Crimp Tool are now available in Europe. The ‘next generation’ modular plugs and crimp tool perfectly complement IDEAL Networks data cable testers, for a complete end-to-end solution.

The new FT-45 package incorporates two industry-leading products which together offer a completely new take on the traditional, time-consuming RJ45 assembly and crimping process.  With the new IDEAL FT-45 solution, the process is simplified and the success rate of terminations is increased.

The FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs are single-piece connectors, removing the need to assemble a three-piece connector, even when working with CAT6 cable. This makes terminations faster and more consistent, and makes the process for working with CAT5e and CAT6 identical.  The modular plugs eliminate much of the complexity, enabling the user to make a successful termination every time. This also makes it easier for new twisted pair installers to convert from coax to data.

To speed up the assembly process, FT-45 installers no longer need to spend time accurately pre-trimming conductor wires to a specific length.  Instead, to get started IT professionals simply need to remove an appropriate section of jacket, remove the centre spline (if present), untwist the pairs into the right order, and trim the ends flat. The cable can then be slid into the connector until seated.

As the wires are fed through the clear connector they can be seen, enabling installers to visually verify the correct wiring order.  This is far easier than looking through the plug’s shell, as with a standard connector, ensuring greater accuracy and fewer errors. In addition, the open-ended feed-thru plug includes 3-pin contacts, rather than the 2-pins seen in most other RJ45 modular plugs.  This improves wire stability by providing 3 prong contacts into every wire for more conductive contact points, as well as a better transfer rate.

Once the wires are fed through, the user can pull the cable into the plug, allowing the twists to be pulled to the front of the connector. This provides better radio-frequency performance and minimal untwisting, while ensuring that the cable jacket is fully secured under the strain relief tab.

To complete the process, the installer places the assembled plug into the compact and easy-to-use FT-45 Crimp Tool and squeezes the handle to the closed position. With reduced hand force and no ratcheting, this cleanly shears the excess conductor wires and leaves a smooth, flat finish – crimping and cutting in one easy action.

The versatile tool is capable of crimping feed-thru, standard and shielded connectors and includes 568A and 568B wiring schemes marked on the tool for ease of use.  The heavy duty cutting blade will last for over 2000 cuts and is replaceable, allowing users to control costs by easily maintaining the Crimp Tool, instead of purchasing a new one.

For maximum efficiency, the FT-45 package can be used with an IDEAL PrepPRO® to strip the cable jacket. With auto-adjusting blade depth, replaceable blade cartridges and a spring-loaded mechanism for consistent cutting force, CAT5e and CAT6 cable jacket can be stripped easily every time. The IDEAL Electrician’s Scissors can then be used for easy spline removal and wire trimming.

Once the termination is made, it can be effectively tested with the IDEAL Networks VDV II cable verifier. The VDV II wiremap tester offers advanced troubleshooting functionality, making measuring cable length and locating distance to fault simple, and enabling users to identify wiring errors instantly.

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