Introducing our latest Brand Ambassador, Jason Leaman

We are excited to introduce our newest Brand Ambassador in Canada, Jason Leaman, of Jason’s Lab. Jason is situated in Nanaimo, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, Canada, and is known for generating informative social media content, focused on network firewalls and networking tools.

Jason has many years of experience in the field as a technician, as well as managing networks and implementing upgrades for clients. He is passionate about working with computer hardware and software, ranging from troubleshooting to building PCs.

Jason is dedicated to technology, and his interest and enthusiasm has grown from being a hobby to become his career. On his ‘Jason’s Lab’ YouTube channel, Jason has produced a number of explanatory videos to help people set up and use various systems. He has already covered the TREND Networks SignalTEK NT,  the TREND Networks POE Pro Tester, and our AnyWARE app. We’re looking forward to seeing Jason dive headfirst into the full range of TREND Networks tools.

What is a TREND Networks Brand Ambassador?

TREND Networks products are sold and used all over the world and we work with a community of brand ambassadors to help inform, advise, and support customers and potential customers to choose the right tools for the tasks they need to perform.

Our carefully selected brand ambassadors are companies, and individuals, who have experience in using and selling TREND Networks products. Who better to act as ambassadors for our trusted brand?

Keep up with the latest from our brand ambassadors

This brand ambassador partnership is an exciting collaboration, that will benefit followers of Jason’s Lab who want to keep up with the latest from TREND Networks. We enjoy Jason’s content and are excited to work with him to showcase how our products can benefit technicians and installers.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see the latest from all our brand ambassadors. You can follow Jason’s Lab on Instagram or on LinkedIn. And if you haven’t caught Jason’s video content, check out his YouTube channel. Or catch everything in one place via his linktree.