Ensure your network is fit for purpose with NaviTEK NT Pro

The role of healthcare professionals is to provide the best possible care to patients; however, they are heavily reliant on critical technology and cable network infrastructure to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. This is where TREND Networks’ NaviTEK NT Pro comprehensive testing equipment can help.

Ensuring continuous connectivity in the healthcare sector requires regular troubleshooting to maintain vital infrastructure. NaviTEK NT Pro can give healthcare practitioners peace of mind, knowing they can count on network systems to function properly and provide full support – allowing practitioners to confidently focus on patient-facing duties.

Resolving Network Issues Fast with NaviTEK NT Pro

Problems in network connectivity are unavoidable in the healthcare sector, however the effect this has on day-to-day operations depends on the protocols in place to deal with infrastructure problems. Providing an indispensable troubleshooting and maintenance service could make all the difference and help ensure service reliability and consistency.

NaviTEK NT network testers can quickly pinpoint issues in active and passive copper and fibre optic networks to ensure continuous connectivity and reduce downtime. The equipment offers accurate testing and validation of cables, reducing the troubleshooting timeframe and helping to prevent major glitches in the cable and network infrastructure.

Simple User-Friendly Functionality

TREND Network’s hand-held units have a user-friendly, touchscreen interface allowing easy navigation through testing functions, making them suitable for both experienced and novice network technicians and infrastructure managers – it’s simply a matter of setting a series of tests in motion using the Autotest button on the handset.

Visual cues, such as the advanced Wiremap, enable technicians to create templates for common cable types, and allows them to quickly identify, review, and resolve any faults in the system (for example, miswires, split pairs, opens and shorts).

Remote Access for a Faster Service

While there are plenty of troubleshooting tools on the market that offer a range of different features and functions, it’s important to choose the right one for you and your business. If you want to offer a comprehensive service, then NaviTEK NT Pro ticks all the boxes. It can be configured for remote network access using automatic detection of VLAN ID to speed up network analysis.  

Once testing is complete, the report can be transferred directly to customers in PDF format by connecting your mobile phone or tablet to the free TREND AnyWare App. Alternatively, it can be saved on a USB drive and transmitted to the customer this way, keeping the channel of communication open for enhanced customer satisfaction.

To find out more about NaviTEK NT Pro and how it can benefit the healthcare industry contact TREND Networks. Our solutions can help manage avoidable downtime that could compromise patient care – you can rely on NaviTEK NT for swift and reliable fault detection.