Is it time to trade in your cable certifier?

The right cable certifier is critical to efficiency and profitability, but this type of high-tech cable testing equipment can be a significant investment for some businesses. As a result, some installers may try to delay the decision to upgrade or replace their existing fleet of cable certifiers. So how do you know when it’s time to switch to a new cable certifier? Well that depends on how important time is on the jobsite.

Current global economic conditions are tough. So, it may seem on the surface that using existing equipment prevents any additional financial outlay. However, using an outdated cable certifier model can slow you down, and have significant impacts on productivity and profitability.

Cable testing and copper and fibre cable certification technology has moved on a lot in recent years. Some older certifier models are becoming increasingly out of date, so carrying out tests is a much slower process than it needs to be. At the same time, using outdated equipment and software can prevent installers from being able to carry out jobs to meet the latest standards. Simply, older certifiers may not actually be getting the job done to the level that is required.

What’s more, some manufacturers will no longer provide support and upgrades for previous certifier models. So, in the event of a maintenance issue or standards update, your fleet of certifiers could very quickly be unexpectedly out of commission.  This could result in costly delays and unplanned expenditure.

Add to this the issue that skilled network technicians and cable installers are in short supply, putting pressure on your team to work ever more productively, as those with advanced skills will be needed to move on to the next job fast. For accuracy and speed on every job, more up to date cable certifiers are often needed to meet customer demands when it comes to meeting deadlines, as well as delivering work with the required proof of performance.

For these reasons, TREND Networks is committed to making it easier than ever to access the latest cable certifier technology at an affordable price. Currently you can trade in your old certifier (Cat5e or higher) of any brand for the latest LanTEK IV-S certifier and save up to £2000/$2000. Whether you choose from either a LanTEK IV-S 500MHz or LanTEK IV-S 3000MHz, you’ll access this great saving. Both options also come with PL and CH adapters included.

Why choose a fast LanTEK IV-S cable certifier?

LanTEK IV-S is the fastest cloud enabled certifier available, saving you time, increasing productivity and gets the job done faster. The TREND Networks LanTEK IV-S cable certifier is designed for speed. It enables you to save a Cat6A link in just 7 seconds, which soon mounts up to huge time savings on large installs.

It also features twice as much RAM as previous generation LanTEK certifiers, which, combined with new 3.0 software and operating system, provides a faster user experience.

LanTEK IV-S is also supported by the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, the fastest cloud test management software in the world. This makes uploading test data and generating reports quicker than ever before.  TREND AnyWARE Cloud also gives Project Managers the ability to set up jobs in advance, saving the installer time on site, and reducing errors that could be time consuming and costly.

Cable certifier trade-in

When you trade-in, you can Depend On Us to deliver the most powerful and fastest copper and fibre cable certifier we’ve ever made, to save you time today. And to ensure you’re ready for what comes next in cable certification, LanTEK IV-S also future-proofs your investment as it will sweep to 3000MHz providing room for future ISO/TIA test standards.

Discover the full benefits of LanTEK IV-S cable certifiers here.

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