TREND Networks takes test reporting to the Cloud

TREND Networks has introduced TREND AnyWARE™ Cloud, a new test management system which makes managing, editing and sharing reports easier than ever for installers and technicians using LanTEK® IV cable certifiers.

To make test data management even easier, the secure, cloud-based tool can be accessed, viewed and updated on common web browsers, via PC or tablet. Registration for the free solution can be completed quickly and easily online, and users can select from a choice of nine languages.

Once logged in to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, the intuitive interface provides easy access to data from the LanTEK IV. However, the platform also includes the WalkMe interactive digital help system which provides proactive guidance every step of the way, helping users to complete any key task in the AnyWARE Cloud easily.

In terms of functionality, the test management system allows you to organise tests by building, floor, room, cabinet and panel so that thousands of results can be easily and logically viewed and managed. This makes it easy for the Project Manager to identify specific test results.

It also makes it simpler for technicians to carry out the tests in the field by isolating only relevant test results for display on the LanTEK IV. For instance, the tests relevant to the specific room and floor in the building. This reduces errors as they will not accidentally test cables in another room. Users can easily create complex naming conventions that can be seamlessly transferred as a .CSV file from TREND AnyWARE Cloud to a label printer for fast and accurate labelling, saving time on every job.

With the TREND AnyWARE Cloud platform, Project Managers can pre-configure all project information. This eliminates mistakes from manual data entry on site, which could otherwise prove costly. As the new LanTEK IV cable certifier now includes Wi-Fi connectivity, Field Technicians can simply download the project to the LanTEK IV cable certifier and get testing. With LanTEK IV, all tests up to Cat6A can be conducted and saved in just 7 seconds, including any optional measurements such as TCL and resistance unbalance.

For enhanced collaboration, LanTEK IV also offers the Team Viewer Live Support feature, which allows colleagues, cable manufacturers and TREND Networks’ Technical Support team to connect to the certifier remotely. This helps minimise troubleshooting time and reduces the need for call backs, making jobs more profitable.

Once the tests are completed with the certifier, data can then be easily synched back up to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud via Wi-Fi directly from LanTEK IV. There is no need to log in to a PC to upload test results.

When logged in to TREND AnyWARE Cloud, the modern, user-friendly system displays a neat snapshot of test passes and fails as well as providing a summary display for key data at a glance. However, by clicking on the summary, users can see detailed test information, including interactive graphs with a range of customisable views.

Reports can also be created, compiling the data from whichever tests are selected. The easy-to-understand reports, which can include customer logos and be produced in a range of languages, are generated as a PDF which can be downloaded or shared. Alternatively, customers or colleagues can be sent an email link for directly accessing any report.

For those that require a locally installed test management solution, an TREND AnyWARE desktop version is available. Both the Cloud-based and desktop option represent a progression from the current TREND DataCENTER (IDC) test report management system, with more comprehensive reporting, seamless collaboration across devices and time saving features for cable installers and technicians.

LanTEK III and IV users can sign up for the free TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management solution at:

Cable installers looking to upgrade to a LanTEK IV certifier and benefit from the TREND AnyWARE Cloud can also take advantage of a great money-saving offer. Currently, owners of a DTX tester can trade in their existing model for a new LanTEK IV and save up to £3000.

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