2021: A positive year so far for TREND Networks

The last couple of years has presented various challenges, to the world and to our industry – from Covid-19 lockdowns, to BREXIT, and global electronic component shortages.  However, despite this, TREND Networks has thrived and continues to help customers to succeed.

Here are 5 successes we’re pleased to share based on our year so far.

  • Record sales

Despite continued challenges in 2020, TREND Networks achieved its best ever quarter in 2021! Since, the company has also experienced several other record sales months. It is clear that requirements for cable and network installation and troubleshooting are not slowing down and are pleased to be able to meet the demand for test and measurement equipment. 

The year has also seen us launch several new products, including SignalTEK 10G and Tone and Probe.

  • Product availability 

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in acomponent crisis that has affected all electronics manufacturing since the pandemic. We’re really proud of our engineering team which quickly was able to reengineer some of our products so that this issue didn’t impact equipment availability in the long term. Into 2021, this means we have a stock of testers ready to go, whenever and wherever it is needed and are now hitting delivery targets 98% of the time (the same as before BREXIT).

  • A successful rebrand

Earlier in 2021, our company rebranded and launched our new ‘Depend On Us’ philosophy. This has been the start of an exciting new chapter for the company where our team is more focused than ever on ensuring you’re confident that you’ll get the results, products, service and support that you’ll need. Even in difficult circumstances. Learn more about Our Promise.

  • Growth in fibre

In 2021, we continued to make investments in R&D and our product portfolio. One way we did this was to acquire US-based fibre optic and photonics testing business Terahertz Technologies Inc. (TTI).  As a result, we now have a dedicated centre of excellence for fibre-optic research and development in the USA. We are also currently exploring a number of other new deals and potential acquisitions. Watch this space!

  • A strong team

This year, we have been making numerous appointments to our team globally, especially in the customer service, technical support, and sales teams.  We have also invested in our facility in Munich, Germany, transforming into a sales and service centre for Europe, alongside all our other existing operations.