Why is SignalTEK 10G a smart investment?

Did you know that SignalTEK 10G can help you and your customers save time and money? This makes the innovative SignalTEK 10G far more than just a tester to measure bandwidth and network performance – but a truly smart investment for your cable testing business too.

Read on to discover what makes the SignalTEK 10G from TREND Networks different, and learn about how it can help you save time, money, and resource, while also providing you with dependable data based on real network performance.

Accurate data from SignalTEK 10G saves time and money

SignalTEK 10G gives you the detailed data you need to identify the maximum bandwidth possible on an Ethernet network, and therefore whether upgrading the network with Multigig switches will work.

The unique SignalTEK 10G tester works by simulating real Ethernet traffic on an active network to test the performance over a cable or switch, for reliable results. To measure the maximum bandwidth of a cable, SignalTEK 10G counts the actual number of packets passing through the cable or switch, without error, providing absolute certainty about whether, or not, 1, 2, 5 or 10Gb/s bandwidth is even possible. It also measures real key network transmission performance indicators (KPIs) such as packet loss, jitter, and delay.

This expert approach to testing delivers highly accurate information that removes any guesswork –true traffic is measured, and a large amount of test data can be stored on your tester. This means you can give your customers reassured and fully informed advice on whether their network will support added bandwidth with a Multigig switch upgrade, helping them save the time and expense of an unnecessary re-cabling job. Meanwhile, installers and technicians will find jobs productive and profitable as it’s easy to get the correct, robust data they need with SignalTEK 10G.

Fast network troubleshooting and maintenance reduces downtime

SignalTEK 10G has also been developed for faster troubleshooting, helping to reduce network downtime. This feature rich tool can also be used as a PoE (Power over Ethernet) tester, as a wiremapper, and for troubleshooting and maintenance of both active and passive copper and fiber networks. One particularly helpful feature is the 72-hour event log. Installers can set up the tester and leave it to reliably log all network events over a 72-hour period. This helps speed up the diagnosis of intermittent connectivity issues. Moreover, for installers this means less trips to site, less hours spent on the job, and greater efficiency.

Remote collaboration saves the strain on your people

Sometimes troubleshooting onsite can be tricky. With the unique TeamViewer feature on SignalTEK 10G, co-workers can support each other from anywhere in the world. They can access and control the tester remotely, to collaborate and get the job done quickly and accurately. Where needed, you can even remote-in the TREND Networks support team!

Save valuable time with TREND AnyWARE Cloud

With its seamless connection to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system, SignalTEK 10G provides easy to produce, accurate reports to prove performance for customers. The bandwidth tester offers built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to seamlessly sync test results to the AnyWARE Cloud, or a USB drive can be used to transfer the test results and PDF reports. The reliable, accurate PDF reports give customers the confidence to make good decisions about upgrading their cabling or switches, while for installers, reliable reports help complete and invoice jobs quicker, and reduce unpaid call-backs.

However, the TREND AnyWARE Cloud is about more than just reports. It has innovative pre-configuration capabilities that enable Project Managers to set up jobs and tests accurately, so field technicians on site can get on with the job in hand, overall saving time and money while preventing mistakes.

Financial savings for fiber and network testing

The SignalTEK 10G is packed full of intelligent features for bandwidth testing to 10Gb/s, but has been designed to be futureproof too. In the future, when your business grows to need fiber and network testing capability, there is a simple upgrade process to add those functions, without needing to purchase a separate tester, or sending your tester back to TREND Networks. Your SignalTEK 10G can keep you ahead of the game, and enables you to only invest in extra functionality when you really need it.

Every business has different challenges, so there is a choice of four SignalTEK 10G models available:

  • SignalTEK 10G CT – get all the core benefits of SignalTEK 10G in a package that includes SignalTEK 10G Display/Remote handsets, 2 x lithium-ion batteries, 2 x hanging straps, 2 x Power Supply, 2 x 2m Cat 6A shielded patch cables, a helpful Quick Reference Guide, and a carry case
  • SignalTEK 10G NT – ideal for network troubleshooting, get all the above, plus the full suite of network testing features
  • SignalTEK 10G FT – working with fiber cable? Choose this model to get the same package as the SignalTEK 10G CT, but with the added benefit of fiber testing features
  • SignalTEK 10G PRO – do it all! The PRO package includes the full kit, including both network and fiber testing features ready to go

Don’t forget! You can trade in your existing tester for the SignalTEK 10G models listed above and make big savings. See details of this special promotion.

Not all testers are created equal

Just remember – not all 10G Ethernet troubleshooters and bandwidth testers are the same, so it’s important to understand the differences before you invest.

We’d love to show you why SignalTEK 10G is unique and how it can help you, so why not book a 20-minute demo with our team now?

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