TREND Networks products stocked in ADI stores

To help security and AV installers increase productivity from start to finish on every job, TREND Networks has announced an initiative which will see a range of its leading cable, network and camera installation and test equipment stocked in selected ADI branches.

“We have tripled our growth with ADI as a TREND Networks distributor, so we are very excited that eight of TREND Networks’ dependable testers will be stocked on shelves in ADI stores, initially in 22 branches in the Southwest of the US, later expanding to further stores across North America,” says Mike Grindele, VP North America Sales, for TREND Networks. “To celebrate this new development, we are also offering customers at ADI a special Rewards promotion, where they can receive selected free equipment up to the value of $257.”

The products stocked at ADI are already available in 11 stores and have all been specially selected to help security installers get the job done accurately, efficiently, and more easily. For example, the SecuriTEST IP CCTV tester, which is designed to reduce the amount of equipment an installer needs to take to site. This smart solution does the job of a cable tester, a PoE injector, a monitor, a laptop, and many other tools, and can be used to power, test, and configure IP, analog, and HD coax cameras, speeding up installation and troubleshooting.

“Importantly, SecuriTEST IP also features advanced reporting to enable installers to document performance on site in detail, rather than filling in excel documents to create reports,” continues Mike. “When an issue arises, the proof of performance reports can dependably demonstrate both camera images and network configuration, making return visits to site billable.”

PoE Pro is another key product that will support installers in verifying that a security camera on an Ethernet network has enough power to function, rather than relying on trial and error.

“There are a lot of variables with PoE, so without the right tools it can be hard to know if an issue lies with the cable, the device or the switch,” says Mike. “As cameras get more complex with extra functions like heating or night vision that can affect the power draw on the network, PoE Pro simplifies verification and troubleshooting.”

ADI branches will also stock TREND Networks’ new Tone and Probe kit. This will support security installers in finding the end of any networked cable and the discovery of what it is plugged into, even in the case that they are not familiar with the initial installation or that the network and ports have not been labelled sufficiently.

“Our VDV II Pro will also be available as it is an absolute essential for every security installer for verifying that data cabling is terminated correctly – issues often come from human error, so this verifier is designed to tell you instantly if there are any miswires,” says Mike.

To support security installers in troubleshooting configuration issues with a network, NaviTEK NT Pro will also be stocked. This network troubleshooter tells installers all the vital information about a copper or fiber cable, available network resources, VLAN ID, port information, wiremapping, IP address, and more. Using the TREND AnyWARE app, it also delivers professional PDF reporting to show that the installation is accurate.

The SignalTEK CT and SignalTEK NT also benefit from the reporting capabilities of the TREND AnyWARE app. These bi-directional testers will be available to help installers prove that a network can support the traffic load. This is done by sending real traffic data along the line, which can then be tested to an IEEE standard to demonstrate real-world performance for the CCTV camera installation.

The final product that will be on-shelf at local ADI stores is the TREND Networks VFF5 fiber optic visual fault finder. This helpful took helps identify breaks in a cable fast, emitting a clear red light in the position of any breaks so the cable can be fixed.

“Seeing really is believing with our products, so to help installers better understand which testers may help them most, we are also in the process of conducting a number of counter days in selected branches where the products will be demonstrated by one of our expert team,” says Mike. “Installers should contact their local store for details.”

The special ADI promotion available in store offers a free reward with any purchase of the SecuriTEST IP CCTV Tester. Customers will receive a free VDV II Plus cable verifier worth $257. Those buying a SignalTEK CT/NT, NaviTEK NT Pro, or PoE Pro, will also receive a free reward of an Amplifier Probe worth $70.

TREND Networks products will be stocked initially in the following 22 branches, rolling out to further stores across the US and Canada later in 2022.


  • Phoenix – AVAILABLE NOW
  • Tucson


  • Fresno – AVAILABLE NOW
  • Hayward – AVAILABLE NOW
  • Sacramento – AVAILABLE NOW
  • Long Beach / Compton – AVAILABLE NOW
  • Orange
  • San Diego




  • Las Vegas – AVAILABLE NOW


  • Oklahoma City


  • Wilsonville


  • Dallas – AVAILABLE NOW!
  • Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • North Houston
  • Houston


  • Salt Lake City – AVAILABLE NOW


  • Bothell

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