3 challenges you can overcome with a TREND Networks Tone and Probe.

We know that anyone that encounters any type of copper cable likely has a Tone and Probe in their kit bag. That’s why we’ve designed the new TREND Networks Tone and Probe to overcome the most common challenges for tracing data, telephone, electrical and COAX cables.

Here is how it can help you locate cables fast.

Challenge: Dark and noisy work environments

It’s hard trying to trace a cable in dark, noisy, and busy server rooms. That’s why the TREND Networks Probe provides both visual and audible indicators of signal strength (including volume control). There is even a headphone jack so you can plug in and easily hear the tone generated, even in a loud environment.

The visual signal strength light is easy to see, even in dimly lit cabling cupboards, but we’ve also added an LED torch at the tip of the Probe making it even easier to get the job done in dark conditions.

Challenge: Unreliable results

Do you ever find you’re plugging in your Tone generator and just hoping to pick up a result? Not all Tone and Probe kits are created equal, and some are simply not sensitive enough to provide a reliable result. Or there is so much interference it’s impossible to be certain where the tone is coming from.

The new TREND Networks Tone generator features an industry leading power output of 13dBm, which means you can reliably trace any type of copper cable, including over long distances. Meanwhile, the high sensitivity Probe makes it possible to locate even weak signals and clearly hear the tone, instead of crackling on the line.

Challenge: Tester not working

If you get to a job, take your tester out the bag, and find it’s not working, it’s really frustrating. And it doesn’t help keep customers happy and jobs profitable either.

The new TREND Networks Tone and Probe are designed to be modern, ergonomic, and user-friendly, while still being rugged enough to withstand multiple journeys in the back of your van without damage. We know that it’s just not an option for the tip to snap off your Probe!

Plus, with 70 hours of battery life, and a shielded button to prevent accident battery drain, you can depend on the Tone generator to be powered up and ready to go whenever the job demands it.

Solve issues quickly and easily

Easy to use, with no training needed, the new TREND Networks Tone and Probe is equipped with comprehensive line testing features that deliver dependable results for users working in fields as diverse as telecommunications, cable TV, electrical installation, security, AV, IT, and data cable installation. For instance, you can:

  •  Troubleshoot cabling faults to identify breaks and poor cables
  •  Identify a specific pair of wires in a multi-pair cable
  •  Verify cabling with polarity and continuity
  •  Detect Ethernet cable via RJ45 connectors

TREND Networks tester compatible

The Tone and Probe is available as a comprehensive kit with everything you need to locate cables fast, including your Tone and Probe, an RJ45 to RJ11 cable, a Crocodile to RJ45 Patch Cord, carry case and carry straps, and handy user guides.

Do you already have a VDV II, NaviTEK NT, SignalTEK NT, LanTEK IV or LanXPLORER tester from TREND Networks? As cable tracing is a vital part of so many jobs, these testers all have in-built Tone functionality. The new Probe is compatible with all these testers and can be purchased individually.


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