TREND Networks welcomes KHG Security as brand ambassador

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative data cable and network testing equipment, TREND Networks is excited to announce a brand ambassador partnership with KHG Security, a UK-based company that provides bespoke security systems to homes, shops, offices, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

KHG Security has been using TREND Networks’ kit for some time and has been sharing their experience of our products, like the PoE PRO, on their social media platforms. We liked what we saw, and decided to collaborate with them to create more content that showcases the features and benefits of our products.

The first product supplied to KHG Security from TREND Networks is the new cloud enabled VDV II PRO, a cable verifier that tests voice, data and video cables for faults. The VDV II PRO supports RJ11/12, RJ45 and coax F-connector cabling and interfaces, and can identify and trace cables with its built-in tone generator and remote unit. Now with Bluetooth capabilities, The VDV II’s test results are stored in real-time on the free AnyWARE mobile app and are seamlessly uploaded to AnyWARE Cloud where professional PDF reports are generated.

KHG Security announced the partnership on their Instagram account:

KHG Security Ltd (@khgsecurity) | Instagram]

TREND Networks is known for its ‘Depend On Us’ philosophy, which ensures that our customers receive lifetime support, dependable data, rapid service, and innovative solutions. We offer a range of industry leading and dependable test equipment that makes its customers’ jobs simpler, including cable certifiers, cable verifiers, fibre cable testers, PoE testers, CCTV testers, and more. Our brand ambassadors on social media help to show how this really benefits installers and businesses using our testers, on site, day in day out – you don’t just have to take our word for it!

The brand ambassador partnership is a great opportunity for both TREND Networks and KHG Security to showcase their expertise and passion. We look forward to seeing more collaborative content and welcoming new brand ambassadors in the future.

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