TKW is our latest TREND Networks brand ambassador

We are excited to announce our latest brand ambassador partnership, with US-based TKW (TeKnowledge World Wide). TKW is a non-profit community of techs who donate their time and skills to various charitable campaigns. Their goal is to build an online community which focuses on making a positive impact by giving back to communities by sharing knowledge and donating/installing equipment.

TKW was founded by four different installers with more than 75 years of industry experience. These are Ray Cline from Libertas Consulting LLCPearce Smithwick of structured cabling specialist All Green Lights, CEO of Enterprise CC communication consultants Marco Chaffiotte and Brandon Weber of TSC Technologies, an MSP.  

The amazing TKW community has now grown to hundred of Integrators, Contractors, Installers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Distributors across North America, who regularly collaborate and learn from one another. This is neatly summed up with their often-used social media hashtag #communityOVERcompetition

TKW is also the founder of an annual ‘TeksGiving’ event, which sees a worthy organisation receive a tech upgrade thanks to the time and installation expertise of TKW’s members. The company also hosts ‘TekFest’, which brings together suppliers and experts for demonstrations, presentations, and opportunities to share knowledge.

We feel that TKW’s mission to bring businesses and individuals together to share knowledge, teach by example, and make impactful change through philanthropy, perfectly complements our “Depend On Us” philosophy. And that’s exactly why we were so keen to work together.

But this partnership is not the first time we have worked with TKW! You may have also seen Mike Grindele, our VP Sales, North America, appear on their recent podcast discussing whether verification or certification is the right choice.

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This brand ambassador partnership is a great chance for TKW’s community to experience TREND Networks solutions, and for trusted industry experts to showcase how our products can benefit technicians and installers.

We are so excited to be working with TKW! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see the latest from all our brand ambassadors. Be sure to drop TKW a follow on Instagram too.