Switching to LanTEK IV Certifier Increases Productivity by 53%

TREND Networks reveals recent research with cable installers and systems integrators which shows that switching to its LanTEK IV cable certifier helps users to increase their productivity by 53% on average.

The survey in April 2020 asked more than 160 LanTEK IV users, including those who have switched from using Fluke Networks or Softing testers, what increase in productivity they have experienced with LanTEK IV compared to their previous certifier. On average, respondents fed back an increase of 53%.

Test time was deemed the biggest factor, with 74% of survey respondents stating that the 7-second test time possible with LanTEK IV had a high or very high impact on their productivity. VisiLINQ Permanent Link Adapters also had a significant impact for 64% of users. VisiLINQ Adapters are completely unique to LanTEK IV, featuring a switch and status indicator light at the end of the adapter which make it faster and easier to test cabling.

The TREND AnyWARE Cloud Test Management System also had a high or very high impact on productivity for 59% of users, thanks to its innovative functions which decrease the time needed to create projects and test IDs and enable extensive pre-configuration that saves test time in the field. 55% of those surveyed also said that this helps eliminate mistakes from manual data entry and reduces the need to revisit job sites.

TREND Networks process mapped typical customer workflow and designed the LanTEK interface with the user in mind prior to its launch in 2019. As a result, 55% of users find that the touchscreen user interface provides faster set up, reduces the risk of mistakes and improves productivity.

Another area where LanTEK IV offered productivity gains is troubleshooting. The Team Viewer Live Support feature, which is not available on any other leading certifier, increases collaboration. As Project Managers, Cable Manufacturers, or TREND Networks’ Technical Support Engineers can remotely access the tester, issues can be resolved more quickly. Four in ten of those surveyed felt this had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

“Productivity gains will always vary depending on the particular business,” says Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director for TREND Networks. “So, we have also developed a detailed Cost of Ownership calculator tool to show cable installers exactly how much time and money they could save over the lifetime of the tester by switching to LanTEK IV.”

The calculator considers factors such as employee costs, quantity and age of testers, volume of tests per day, test type, label printing and frequency of any issues. It provides a side by side comparison of functionality between different cable certifiers and shows how long it will take to recover your investment in LanTEK IV due to the productivity benefits.

To see how the figures stack up, businesses should contact TREND Networks to request a certifier Cost of Ownership review with the calculator – https://www.trend-networks.com/contact/.

TREND Networks will soon release a White Paper with further details and insights from the productivity research.
Users of LanTEK I/II/III and those with an unsupported DTX certifier can trade-in for a LanTEK IV now and save up to £3000. To learn more about LanTEK IV and trade-in options, visit https://www.trend-networks.com/product/lantek-iv-series/.