5 ways cable installers can boost productivity with TREND AnyWARE Cloud

Not only can you depend on the TREND Networks LanTEK® IV cable certifier to provide a new, more efficient and accurate way to certify copper and fibre cable, but with the support of the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system, you can also unlock extra productivity gains that make every project more profitable.

Here are five ways that the TREND AnyWARE Cloud eco-system can help cable installation companies and systems integrators to improve productivity on jobs using a LanTEK IV cable certifier.

1. Save time and eliminate errors with pre-configuration

Using TREND AnyWARE Cloud, Project Managers can now pre-configure all project information, including standards and test parameters, from absolutely anywhere – whether they’re working at home or at the office. So, when the field technician arrives onsite, they can download the project information quickly and easily to their LanTEK IV cable certifier via Wi-Fi and get to work, right away. This allows for greater accuracy, eliminating costly and time-consuming mistakes that can occur with manual data entry on site. Even complex test IDs can be set up in advance.

2. Timesaving testing features

The LanTEK IV Cable Certifier already saves installers a significant amount time, enabling tests up to Cat6A to be conducted and saved in just 7 seconds, including any optional measurements such as TCL and resistance unbalance. However, the TREND AnyWARE Cloud Test Management System amplifies efficient working even further.

Everything the user needs can be stored in one place, reducing the amount of time spent searching for test data while installing or troubleshooting. Advanced filtering allows installers to filter tests on any field, plus, project files are easy to find as cable layout drawings, photos and videos can all be stored in the TREND AnyWARE Cloud.

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3. Generate, manage, and share reports in less time

Project Managers can create individual customer profiles in the TREND AnyWARE cloud, which saves time when producing single line summary reports or comprehensive reports of measurement results.

Once test data is uploaded, professional and detailed reports featuring the customer’s logo can be generated quickly and simply as a PDF. This can be done either from the LanTEK IV certifier, or by logging in to the AnyWARE Cloud system from a remote location. Once created, you can also use the TREND AnyWARE Cloud Test Management System to easily share links to the test reports, so you don’t need to spend time manually emailing large attachments.

4. Connected collaboration and support, from anywhere

Sometimes, when you’re an installer onsite, you don’t know the answers to every troubleshooting scenario. For effective remote collaboration and troubleshooting, the LanTEK IV cable certifier includes the Team Viewer Live Support feature, which allows colleagues to connect to the certifier remotely from anywhere.

However, with AnyWARE Cloud, connectivity goes a step further. Thanks to this smart cloud-based test reporting system, wherever you have access to a web browser, you can access and use TREND AnyWARE Cloud, via PC, Mac, and tablet. This means you can upload test data from the job site, instead of downloading it and emailing it to the office later. There is also no need to travel to the office to create reports, or view project information. TREND AnyWARE Cloud also offers free storage, removing the requirement for separate servers or back-ups, and a Desktop version is also available, if needed.

5. Reduce downtime with certifier fleet management

To keep track of your certifier fleet and manage tester downtime, the TREND AnyWARE Cloud include a fleet manager function providing visibility of which member of your team are currently on jobs with your LanTEK IV cable certifiers, aiding efficient job planning.

The system also shows when the software was last updated and when the certifier is next due to be calibrated, so that planned calibration and maintenance can be planned and downtime avoided.

In addition, the system shows when the results from the LanTEK IV cable certifier were last synched to the AnyWARE Cloud. This helps prevents the user from losing or deleting test results, avoiding unnecessary and unprofitable return visits to site.

Take your testing into the cloud now!

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