Introducing the Upgraded VDV II Pro: Now with Bluetooth and Cloud Reporting

The VDV II Pro verifier has been providing quick and accurate testing for years. Relaunched this Summer with an exciting new update, it uses Bluetooth connectivity to enable Cloud reporting to make your job easier and more efficient than ever before.

The ultimate Voice, Data, and Video Cable Verifier

The new VDV II Pro is Cloud Connected, enabling you to level up on your reporting. Connect your VDV II Pro to your smartphone using Bluetooth, send test results with the push of a button, store test results in real-time on the free TREND AnyWARE mobile app, and seamlessly upload data to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, where professional PDF reports are generated easily.  

It’s simple enough that you can even send reports to clients, branded with your company logo, without leaving the job site, helping you work more efficiently. You can also attach photos to test results using the app if you need to for more complete documentation. And there is no need to worry about storage space on your tester – with the app you can organise test results in up to 500 job folders with a total capacity of 25,000 tests.

New ways to do an even better job

VDV II Pro was already a great tester, helping installers and technicians to get the job done. It delivers on accurate fault finding that saves time and money, utilising Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to accurately measure cable length and provide distance to fault information to speed up fault finding. The verifier provides instant results with comprehensive details on faults such as opens, shorts, crossovers and split pairs. It also makes it quicker to validate voice and data services, by quickly determining which media service is running over the cable, such as Ethernet, ISDN, PBX and PoE, resulting in faster fault diagnosis.

Adding TREND AnyWARE Cloud into the mix builds on this great foundation and opens up new benefits to get the job done even better.

For example, upgrade from checklists and Excel spreadsheets for managing data to professional and detailed PDF test reports. Easily make this your standard workflow, ensuring that all customers receive comprehensive testing and documentation.

You can also keep your data secure with free unlimited data storage and continuous backups – you may never need to carry (and lose!) another USB stick again. And achieve all this without the need to invest in IT hardware, everything runs via a standard web browser.

Your project managers will see the benefits too, with more efficient test data management possible across teams in multiple locations. It also enables them to see test data from other cloud-connected testers in the same environment, making it simple to see the bigger picture.

What can VDV II Pro do?

There are three models available across the VDV II cable verifier range, from Basic to Pro, all of which are now Cloud enabled.

VDV II Pro is an ideal choice when you need a range of features to help you eliminate guesswork and document proper operation when installing, maintaining and troubleshooting data, voice and video cabling. It incorporates all the features of the VDV II and VDV II Plus that help perform copper cabling, plus additional functionality including:

• 10M/100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet Speed Detection

• Distance to Open / Short (TDR)

• PoE Detection with Voltage per Pair

• Analogue and Digital Phone Service Detection

• Analogue/Digital Tone Generator

• Selectable 4-Pair/2-Pair operation for standard and industrial cabling

Get connected today

Order your new VDV II Pro cable verifier now, and then simply download the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App for free from the Google Play or Apple Store. Whether you’re a technician, installer, or project manager, the VDV II Pro is a dependable solution that empowers you to work smarter and faster.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of the new VDV II Series. Order yours online today and embrace the power of Cloud reporting.