We’re now TREND Networks! So, what’s next?

As of 31st March 2021, our name has changed from IDEAL Networks to TREND Networks. So, you may be wondering ‘what’s next?’

TREND Networks test equipment – the same industry-leading solutions

Although our name has changed, our portfolio of dependable data cable certifiers, cable verifiers, network testers and CCTV test equipment is still the same. Take a look around our website and you’ll still see all of your favourite products, with the same names and same functionality.

It’s been more than two years since we acquired the company from IDEAL INDUSTRIES Inc., so it felt right to update our name to something that sets us apart, and reflects our unique, innovative outlook.

We also wanted to showcase our commitment to providing dependable results, equipment, and support, which is why we have also introduced our new brand philosophy as our company tagline: “Depend On Us”.

The ‘Depend On Us’ philosophy

At TREND Networks we know that you need to be confident that our Data Cable and Network Testing equipment provides fast, accurate results in all circumstances – even the most difficult ones. We have a deeply engrained ‘Depend On Us’ philosophy focused on ensuring that, even in the most difficult circumstances, we will always provide the performance and support you need.

With TREND Networks you can Depend On Us to simplify, demystify and educate in order to ensure you become ever-more productive.

Plus, our ‘Depend On Us’ philosophy means that, unlike with other suppliers, you can always depend on our data, equipment and support.

Depend On Our Support

We may have re-branded, but our dedicated team remains unchanged providing high standards of customer service and the technical support you need to resolve issues fast. Our ‘Rapid Resolution’ service means we commit to respond to all technical support calls fast. This means that if the team cannot answer a call immediately, it aims to return technical support calls within two business hours (terms and conditions apply).

Users of some of our key testers, such as LanTEK IV, also receive the added support of our unique ‘Remote Troubleshooter’ technology, which enables instant remote access to your tester anywhere in the world to resolve problems fast maximising workforce productivity.

Depend On Our Equipment

Our products such as LanTEK are unaffected by the name change – you will still have access to our full range of industry-leading solutions. And we are committed to continuing to support them, with new adapters and software updates that help you maximise your long-term investment.

Our ‘Lifetime Support Promise’ means we will continue to calibrate and repair the equipment you buy from us for as long as you use it. If we are ever unable to source replacement parts for older products, we’ll offer you a discount up to 30% off the latest generation tester.

Depend On Our Data

TREND AnyWARE Cloud, previously known as IDEAL AnyWARE Cloud, was launched last year and has been helping to improve troubleshooting, collaboration, accuracy, and productivity when working with the LanTEK IV cable certifier, and our recently launched SignalTEK 10G Ethernet tester.

It is a unique system providing test tools for cable certification, active network troubleshooting and bandwidth testing, and is intelligently designed so that as your business grows or technology changes, the TREND AnyWARE Cloud still keeps you covered.

In future, we anticipate these benefits to be available on an increasing range of tester types, because we know how important a test management platform is to getting the accurate data you need, when you need it.

Here are some of the ways that TREND AnyWARE helps.

Simple Fleet Management

With the fleet manager function, you can see who has the test unit, when the software was last updated, when calibration is due and when the results were last synced.

Enhance project pre-configuration capability

All project information can be pre-configured in TREND AnyWARE Cloud so that when you get on site, you can simply download the project to LanTEK IV or SignalTEK 10G and get started, with no mistakes from manual input.

Advanced troubleshooting

Reduce time spent searching for test data while troubleshooting with advanced filtering which allows you to filter tests on any field.

Reduced training time needed

The TREND AnyWARE Cloud is embedded with the WalkMe digital help platform. This gives you proactive, step-by-step guidance you can depend on for on all the key tasks you’ll need to perform, meaning training time is reduced.

Time saving reports

Save time by creating a profile for each customer in the TREND AnyWARE Cloud when making reports, then use the platform to easily share links to the test reports.

Complete connectivity

TREND AnyWARE Cloud operates on PC, Mac, and tablet anywhere with a web browser and gives you free storage so there’s no need for separate servers or back-ups. It uses Microsoft Azure cloud technology to give you a stable and dependable solution. A Desktop version is available too.

More collaboration

To minimise troubleshooting time and reduce call-backs, Project Managers, cable manufacturers or our Technical Support team can connect to LanTEK IV or SignalTEK 10G on the jobsite with our Remote Troubleshooter technology “Team Viewer Live Support” to troubleshoot failed links. This gives you expert support onsite wherever and whenever you need it. Don’t forget, out team of dependable experts remains unchanged, delivering the highest standards of service and support to help you get the job done.

Cloud test management for more network and cable testers

The next wave of development for TREND AnyWARE Cloud will see us bring extra functionality to those using the system with our testers, so more network technicians, integrators and data cable installers can benefit from a new, more connected, and more modern way of working. Watch this space!

And finally… why TREND Networks?

Our new name, TREND Networks, is inspired by ‘Trend Communications’ acquired by IDEAL Networks in 2004 due to its reputation for delivering industry-first test solutions in the telecoms industry. (Learn more about our history)

This aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and our plans to continue to develop and launch new test equipment and solutions that put usability and productivity at their centre.

But moreover, as TREND Networks, you can continue to depend on us to deliver the levels of performance, accuracy and support you need, even in the most difficult circumstances.

For more information on why we have changed our name to TREND Networks, read our FAQ. Or contact us if you have any questions.