Why Trade in Your Tester for a SignalTEK 10G?

If you’re looking for a network tester or cable tester that can do more, now is the time to upgrade to SignalTEK 10G – you could make big savings too!

So, why should you choose the new Ethernet troubleshooter and bandwidth tester, SignalTEK 10G, from TREND Networks for your operation?

Demand on networks is increasing

With the recent, rapid increase of video conferencing and video streaming, demand on bandwidth is high. Networks that can’t bear the challenge, result in a loss of productivity and expensive downtime.

SignalTEK 10G can help, proving what speeds the data cabling will support up to 10Gb/s. Measure the network’s maximum bandwidth, find bottlenecks, and identify opportunities to increase bandwidth using Multigig switches so there is no need to invest in costly replacement data cabling. Use our SignalTEK 10G trade-in offer to replace your tester, not the cabling!

If you’re currently using a PoE tester…

Alongside these copper cable testing features, SignalTEK 10G is also a dependable Power over Ethernet tester. Many different applications have adopted PoE (Power over Ethernet), so a PoE tester is now an essential for many. SignalTEK 10G brings these features into one tester, making it a flexible tool and a great value investment, while saving space in the kit bag too.

Upgrade your transmission testing

After upgrading the network, SignalTEK 10G can be used as a network transmission tester to test and prove the performance of the network to international standards. By switching to this tester, you can use SignalTEK 10G for all of your ongoing network transmission testing needs, but with a whole host of other features that help you to get the job done – whatever the customer needs.

Unlock fibre and network testing features

SignalTEK 10G is designed to grow and adapt with your business. That means you can unlock fibre and network testing capabilities, if and when you need them. This makes the tester an even more multi-purpose and a futureproof investment – a great reason to upgrade now.

Cloud based benefits

However you choose to use this feature rich tester, you’ll have access to the free TREND AnyWARE cloud management system. Not only does this enable you to retrieve accurate data and generate professional reports for your clients, but also offers extensive pre-configuration options for project managers, helping users in the field make the best use of their time on site and complete testing and troubleshooting accurately.

Trade in your tester for a new SignalTEK 10G now

Don’t delay! Trade in any of the following testers for SignalTEK 10G now for some exclusive savings!

Find out more about our fantastic, trade-in offer by contacting the TREND-networks team. You can also request a demonstration of the new SignalTEK 10G to see the benefits for yourself.

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