Learn about ethernet and OSI Layer 2 in TREND’s Networks’ first Active Networks webinar

TREND Networks presents its latest free webinar for installers and technicians working with active networks.  To get you up to speed, this session will focus on Ethernet, the OSI Model, MAC addresses, switching and VLANs.

Over the course of the hour-long webcast, our team of experts will pass on a range of information relevant to those installing, testing or troubleshooting active networks. Choose to participate in a webinar presented in English, German, Spanish or French.

Register for the webinar in your preferred language now:

English – March 29th – 11:00 AM CEST / 09:00 AM GMT / 04:00 AM EST / 01:00 AM PT

Spanish – March 29th – 04:00 PM CEST / 02:00 PM GMT / 09:00 AM EST / 06:00 AM PT

German – March 29th – 09:00 AM CEST / 07:00 AM GMT / 02:00 AM EST / 11:00 PM PT

French – March 29th – 03:30 PM CEST / 01:30 PM GMT / 08:30 AM EST / 05:30 AM PT

Active Networks Webinar Highlights

One of the central themes of this webinar will be the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, which provides a standardized framework for understanding how information is transmitted and processed in a computer network. By attending, you will learn about the seven layers of the OSI model, with a focus on Layer 2, and how each layer contributes to the overall functioning of a network.

Another important topic that will be covered is MAC (Media Access Control) addresses, the different types of switches, and VLANs, which are logical networks created within a single physical network.

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