How to lighten the load with a multi-purpose SignalTEK 10G tester

Do you ever find yourself taking a heavy work bag to site packed full of all the testers you need to get the job done? From working so closely with installers and technicians, we know how frustrating that can be. Thankfully, TREND Networks has a solution to help lighten the load – SignalTEK 10G.

SignalTEK 10G is an ethernet cable and bandwidth tester that helps you to test the maximum bandwidth available and speed of LAN network and Ethernet cables. But it also has a multitude of other functions to help prevent you from having to unnecessarily take multiple testers on site.

When you pack SignalTEK 10G you could leave behind your:

  • Fibre tester
  • Wiremapper
  • PoE tester
  • Network verifier
  • And all the spares you take, just in case your tester isn’t as reliable as you hoped!

With such a wide range of functions, a single SignalTEK 10G tester from TREND Networks gives you the ability to run a variety of different tests, making it ideal for big jobs, especially if you’re unsure what requirements you might run into on site. If you need fibre or network testing options, you can simply add extra functionality with an online upgrade.

SignalTEK 10G is also designed to unlock greater levels of efficiency in many other ways. It works with the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system, enabling Project Managers to set up jobs ready for when you get on site, and making real-time test data transfer seamless anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. What’s more, it features the TeamViewer Live Support function, so you can collaborate with colleagues offsite (or even our technical team) to troubleshoot issues effectively and prevent costly callbacks.

And of course, you can always Depend On Us for tester accuracy and reliability, in addition to supportand repairs if you need them.

Discover how SignalTEK 10G could change the way you work

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