How to get set-up fast with your LanTEK IV cable certifier

Did you know that there is now a new ‘Standard’ set up option for the LanTEK IV certifier which enables you to get started faster if you need to?

To enable the new fast and easy setup option, all you have to do is download the latest completely free LanTEK IV software update. Once your software is updated, you can select ‘Standard set up’ to simply choose a job folder and test standard, then start testing right away, entering test IDs as you go!

The new option is perfect for:

  • Small and simple projects (for example, those without complex naming conventions)
  • One-off or ad-hoc tests where pre-configured test IDs are not necessary
  • Basic maintenance and project work
  • Testing non-sequential IDs for one off tests or move/add/change work

The Advanced set up option will still be available for LanTEK IV, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that works best for you. For instance, Project Managers can still select Advanced set up to benefit from the pre-configuration functionality that helps to save time and eliminate errors in the field, particularly on large or complex jobs where manual data entry is difficult and labor-intensive.

New LanTEK IV Manual

LanTEK IV is a powerful copper and fiber cable certifier, so to help ensure that you can make the most of its full capability correctly, we have recently compiled an extensive (but user-friendly!) manual.

Download the free LanTEK IV manual for extra support when certifying cable.

New standards added!

As well as the introduction of the new LanTEK IV setup mode, the latest software update also supports the requirements of more than a dozen new or updated international test standards. You can see the full list of standards related updates in the release notes when your download new LanTEK IV software.

Plus, the new software is designed to support upcoming changes to the TIA-568 standard to include DCRU (DC Resistance Unbalance), due later in 2020 as part of a move to ensure that all newly installed Cat 5e, and better, cabling can support high-power PoE/PoE++ (Power over Ethernet).

Extensive calibration certificates FREE

TREND Networks now offers extended calibration reporting as standard with no hidden charges! Users of LanTEK IV can now receive calibration certificates that show performance data against accuracy standards – typically cable certifier users would expect to have to pay a premium fee for this.

Another unique and helpful feature of LanTEK IV is that the calibration certificates are stored on-board the certifier as PDF files, so if you lose the hard copies provided, you can easily access and copy them onto a USB drive whenever you need them.

Download LanTEK IV software

To download the new software update, visit:

This release also incorporates Japanese language translations and general software refinements.

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