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Did you know that we recently published a new White Paper – ‘Overcoming Productivity Problems: TREND Networks Cable Certifier Survey 2020’?

We know that being more productive, ultimately equating to saving money and adding to the bottom line, is vital for those certifying cable. If that’s you, then you cannot afford to miss our new White Paper!

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With productivity so important for those certifying cable, we conducted research into how the right cable certifiers can overcome this challenge. This paper shares the results of that survey and shows that with the right certifier installers can increase productivity by 53%.

How to increase productivity when certifying cable

Of course, test time varies depending on the class or category of cable being tested and measurements included, so it is very important to note and understand all these differences when considering how productivity could be improved.

However, our latest White Paper for cable installers and systems integrators shows that some businesses could save 336 hours per year, by switching from their current tester to LanTEK IV.

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A better way of working

Simplifying processes is important if you want to work more efficiently when certifying cable. Our new White Paper explains some of the different ways that LanTEK IV helps you do just that, so you can see where you could make changes to how you currently work. Whether it’s benefitting from our simplified certifier set up processes, boosting accuracy with pre-configuration options, using our timesaving VisiLINQ permanent link adapters for certifying cable, or reducing call-backs through onsite collaboration thanks to Team Viewer Live Support. Download the TREND Networks research paper now to discover a different way to get the job done.

Work anywhere, with TREND AnyWARE

When LanTEK IV was launched, it was accompanied by a new test management system – TREND AnyWARE Cloud. This software platform, hosted by Microsoft Azure, operates simply and reliably anywhere with a web browser on a tablet or PC, so no time is wasted installing new software onto a desktop and no extra hardware is required. Data storage is also completely free. It is also the perfect solution for these times where remote working is commonplace.

But how does this cloud-based test management system support productivity? Download the White Paper to find out why 59% of our customers say that TREND AnyWARE Cloud had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

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Download the White Paper now to see the benefits that LanTEK IV can bring to productivity in your operations. Or, to find out more about LanTEK IV, why not arrange a cable certifier demo?