What are the benefits of documenting a CCTV installation?

The SecuriTEST™ IP CCTV Tester from TREND Networks is designed to help security installers overcome challenges and increase productivity. This CCTV tester can conduct all the tests you need to document your digital/IP, HD coax and analogue CCTV camera systems. But what are the benefits of documented installation? We’ve collated useful information from our latest whitepaper to provide expert insight.

Proof of performance

Provide your customers with peace of mind by demonstrating proof of performance. Documenting the CCTV system, in the same way as a network, confirms that the cameras are performing as expected at the point of installation or integration.

Reduce system downtime

The benefits of installation documentation reach beyond completing a project with test reports. If a camera needs to be replaced at a later time, the replacement should be configured just like the failed camera to ensure the system can be returned to normal operation as quickly as possible, reducing system downtime.

Keep maintenance costs to a minimum

This allows technicians to take the pre-configured camera to the customer site, swap it out and use the field tester to create a new report. The updated report can be compared to the original to verify that the field of view and video setting are the same as the original. Time on site and labour costs for service calls can be significantly reduced when technicians and service engineers are armed with the information and tools to maximise efficiency.

Download our free guide ‘How to Apply Network Testing Practices to CCTV System Installations’

With numerous types of CCTV camera, plus many different configurations and connection methods, the installation and troubleshooting of an IP CCTV system can be complex. This helpful guide offers industry insight to installers and system integrators on how to apply network testing practices to CCTV installations. The whitepaper also discusses solutions to the common CCTV challenges encountered due to network performance issues.

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