5 ways LanTEK IV cable certifiers helped Whitestar Solutions increase productivity

Since 2020, TREND Networks has been working in partnership with UK-based electrical and data services provider Whitestar Solutions. Here are five ways that TREND Networks has helped Whitestar Solutions to work cost effectively and save time, in some cases doubling productivity!

  • 7-second test time

A key challenge for Whitestar Solutions is that its customer base in the education sector requires projects to be turned around in the short timeframe of the 6-week summer holiday period.  When there are thousands of data points to test, every second counts.

By switching its fleet to LanTEK IV cable certifiers, it’s now possible for the company to test a Cat6A link in as little as 7 seconds – twice as fast as any certifier their team has used before. This has helped double productivity overnight. 

What’s more, TREND Networks has made it easy for users to get started with LanTEK IV. A full series of short ‘How to’ videos is available on our Learning Hub to speed up the onboarding process, so they can get testing and troubleshooting faster.

  • VisiLINQ – check for a pass with a single glance

The LanTEK IV cable certifier also includes the innovative VisiLINQ permanent link adapters to further help enhance productivity, as well as being user friendly.

VisiLINQ Permanent Link Adapters enable you to initiate testing and view the results, all without needing to carry or touch the tester.  Simply press the VisiLINQ test button and wait for the coloured light to indicate the result.

Whitestar Solutions found that this made conducting testing in a noisy or dark environment far simpler and helps save time compared to looking down at the screen on the certifier every time.

  • Better ways of working with TREND AnyWARE Cloud

With Whitestar Solutions’ previous supplier, when it came to issuing test results, they either had to send the testers back to the office, or the engineers saved test results to a USB stick. Both of which were very time consuming when it comes to administration.

Problem solved with LanTEK IV data cable certifiers!

Now, the results are seamlessly synced to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system. Project managers can even issue test reports to the clients on the day the project is completed. Even if their engineers have no Wi-Fi signal, they can connect the LanTEK IV certifier to their phone and transfer all the test results over to the office with minimal fuss.

TREND AnyWARE Cloud, built on the secure and stable Microsoft Azure platform, also helps eliminate errors. Project Managers can preconfigure test IDs, so there is no risk of engineers inputting data wrongly on site.

For Whitestar Solutions, this means no time has to be spent manually correcting thousands of test IDs. It also eliminates the need to re-visit the site to re-test, making jobs more profitable.

  • Support and collaboration to minimise downtime

Whitestar Solutions has found that they rarely need to contact TREND Networks technical support as the LanTEK IV testers are so reliable. However, when help is needed, the global team of experts provides a Rapid Resolution service, responding in 2 hours or less, helping resolve issues faster to prevent downtime.

LanTEK IV users also have the option of the TeamViewer Live Support feature, which enables other parties to remote in to the tester to support with troubleshooting.

Working in the education sector, time and speed are of the essence. With its previous supplier, Whitestar Solutions found that when a tester required calibration, they could sometimes be a tester down for one to two weeks. With TREND Networks, when a LanTEK IV certifier requires calibration or repair, a loan unit is received the day after the tester goes in, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

In addition, LanTEK IV is covered by TREND Networks’ Lifetime Support Promise, which gives reassurance that your investment is futureproof. We will continue to calibrate and repair the cable and network testing equipment you buy from us for as long as you use it. If we are ever unable to source replacement parts for older products, we’ll offer up to 30% discount off the latest generation.

  • Cost-effective long-term partnership

When Whitestar Solutions renewed its fleet, it found TREND Networks proposal to be a more cost-effective solution. Rather than requiring a large investment up front in one payment, TREND Networks developed has built a partnership with Whitestar Solutions to help provide greater financial flexibility.

Whitestar Solutions is planning to grow over the next three to five years and is confident that they can depend on TREND Networks to come on that journey.

Watch the full Whitestar Solutions case study video here to learn more.

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