Barcode scanning with LanTEK IV-S saves time and eliminates cable ID errors.

LanTEK IV-S is already the fastest, most powerful, and easy to use copper and fibre cable certifier that TREND Networks has ever developed. Now you can increase productivity and reduce cable ID errors even further with one simple and cost-effective addition – barcode scanning.

Enabling cable installers to work smarter, not harder, is always at the forefront of TREND Networks’ product development strategy. This was no different for the LanTEK IV-S cable certifier.

It packs the power of a dual core processor, version 3.0 operating system software, and increased memory storage. A unique, intuitive folder structure makes organising tests much easier while the best-in-class TREND AnyWARE Cloud system makes test data management simpler.

All-in-all, the LanTEK IV-S is designed to optimise speed and efficiency whilst improving accuracy. But you may not know that it also provides a more effective way to enter cable ID data into the certifier.

Simple and cost-effective cable ID capture – here’s how!

Now you can improve the speed and accuracy of your tests even further by pairing your LanTEK IV-S with a simple, off-the-shelf USB barcode scanner.

A barcode scanner can be purchased from many online retailers for as little as £10-15, with the only requirements being that it has a USB interface and can read “Code 39” UPC codes, supporting up to 43 characters.

Cable certification without manual cable ID input

When accuracy is key, the addition of the barcode scanner removes the need for installers to manually input cable ID data into the cable certifier. This eliminates the possibility of technicians mis-entering text. By removing errors, this also reduces the potential time and money that would need to be spent rectifying mistakes after testing is complete.

Barcode printouts can be generated in several ways, including using common spreadsheet applications. Once the barcode list is generated the LanTEK IV-S user simply taps the test ID field to select the text, then scans the desired barcode on the printout. The scanner then converts the barcode into text, sending it to LanTEK IV-S just like the user entered the text using the tester or a keyboard.

Depend On Us to improve testing efficiencies and reduce data errors

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